Bluefin Fitness Kick 2.5

Bluefin Fitness Kick 2.5 Innovative High-Speed Folding Treadmil Review

Are you looking for a genuine running experience at home? Are you keen on getting a treadmill designed for professional training? Yes? Then you should be considering the Bluefin Fitness Kick 2.5 treadmill.

What’s the price?

Treadmills provide you with a unique way of improving your cardiovascular health. It allows you to create a workout based on the amount of time you have to exercise. Hence, giving you complete control of the speed, warm-up period, cool-down period, and the number of calories you wish to expend.

In this review, we will provide you with a detailed assessment of this product. You’ll be exposed to the stand-out features and functions of this machine, an appraisal of its construction as well as its shortcomings. So, in the end, you can make a proper decision on whether this device suits you.

The Kick 2.5 Overview

Kick 2.5 is an ultra-powerful treadmill that provides you with a quality running experience like you’re a pro. It comes almost fully assembled with the latest design and function from its manufacturer. The high-power but silent motor, the speed levels, its incline, training programs, console, and more, were designed to give you an advanced training and fitness performance.

Some Unique Features Of This Treadmill

  • Powerful, Silent-Drive DC Motor: Drive systems determine the speed at which your treadmill can run, its recommended runtime and purpose of use as well as its overall durability. This machine comes with a powerful, high-torque, heavy-duty machine rated 2200W. This motor can, however, deliver a maximum of 7hp. With this drive system, the treadmill belt can run as fast as 20km/h for your high-level and intense workout programs.
  • Advanced Running Track: Running on a treadmill can go from exercising to self-inflicted pain and injuries if the running surface of your device is not cushioned. To account for that, this machine comes with an advanced cushioning system -using x shock absorbers- to significantly reduce the impacts on your joint as you exercise.

In addition to impact absorption, this product also comes with multi-layers on its anti-static track to both reduce noise and further reduce shock. These multi-layers of PVC and rubber also gives a perfect balance of moisture resistance and traction.

  • Training programmes: First, there are up to 12 in-built training programmes available on this device to enable you to get high-quality and professional fitness performance. However, you can choose to manually adjust the hill incline to a maximum of 15 degrees to take your workout routine to the next level, burn more calories, and further improve your cardio health.
  • Console: The console on this Bluefin Fitness device is quite impressive too. For a start, it features an LCD monitor that displays workout parameters like speed, time, heartrate, and distance covered. You can connect your smartphone to the device and it will automatically synchronize via the Kinomap app.  The console also comes with integrated audio speakers that let you play music from your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Added Functions: The Kick 2.5 treadmill has a smartphone holder, an include heartrate monitor chest band for more precise measurement of your pulse, and a magnetic safety key and clip.

Product Specification

Dimension170 x 134 x 81 cm (L x H x W)
Machine’s Weight72kg
Maximum User Weight130kg
Motor Rating2200W
Training Programs12
Maximum Speed20km/h
Maximum Incline Level15 degrees
Kinomap App CompatibilityYes
Bluetooth CompatibilityYes
Built-in SpeakersYes
Transportation WheelsYes


All Bluefin Fitness products, including this one, has a 12-month warranty, and the company promises to fix every technical issue that may arise within the warranty period for free. You also get 30 days money-back guarantee on this product.


  • Silent, high-power, heavy-duty, efficient motor
  • Excellent, multi-layer cushioning system and multi-layer anti-static surface
  • Bluetooth and Kinomap compatibility
  • Sturdy construction
  • It comes almost completely assembled
  • Integrated transport wheels for better mobility
  • Fully loaded accessories


  • The device becomes loud when running at high speeds

Recommendation and Buying Option

Bluefin Fitness Kick 2.5 is an excellent option you should consider if you’re keen on making the most of your home exercise and are willing to spend on it. The machine delivers advanced training and fitness performance, only that it does that with more noise than other super-quiet products available. Still, you must recognize that those super-quiet machines,with similar specs, you may be tempted with will definitely cost you more money. 

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  • Multi-Layer Anti-Static Track
  • Powerful Silent-Drive
  • 15% Gradient Incline Range
  • Wireless Heart-Rate Monitor Belt
  • Advanced Cushioning System

3 thoughts on “Bluefin Fitness Kick 2.5 Innovative High-Speed Folding Treadmil Review”

  1. Lynne Costelloe

    We havd the Kick 2.5 but the circuit board blew this week.
    Is this a part you can get for us?
    Many thanks

  2. Bought a Kick 2.5 but the deck cracked and spilt within 2 weeks. Amazon replaced the item for a new one but as it was now spring didn’t use the new one very much until later in the year. New machine also developed a slipping belt and again the deck cracked. It’s now out of warranty so given up on this as a complete waste of time and money. Will be replacing with a better quality machine. Wouldn’t touch another Bluefin with a barge-pole.

  3. Hi
    The dimensions are
    170 x 134 x 81 cm (L x H x W)

    Could not find belt /runnnjng area size
    However as a guide, this is not a small treadmill
    It weights 75kg approx.
    It is similar in size as reebok GT40 and reebok jet100 treadmills

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