CITYSPORTS CS-WP2 440W Electric Walking Machine Review

Treadmills – they come in different types, grades, and construction to suit various fitness needs. In this article, we will review a unique kind of treadmill- the CITYSPORTS CS-WP2 walking machine.

What’s the price?

Walking machines are less tame than conventional treadmills. They go at a slower speed, cause lesser weight loss but are still effective in improving cardio health and general body fitness. How good is the CS-WP2 walking machine? What are the exceptional features that set it apart from competitive products? What are its possible limitations? Are there better products?

You will find the answers to the questions above as you read.

The CS-WP2 Overview

We can easily say that this product is a go-to option for many fitness enthusiasts who intend to do less intense but effective exercise. The price, features available, build-quality, safety system as well with other functions make this device simply outstanding.

Although this treadmill does not come with somewhat of a patented feature, it does not fall short of any function available on most walking treadmills within its category.

Some Features Available on This Device

  • Top-Quality Drive System: CITYSPORTS CS-WP2 treadmill uses power generated from its efficient 440W rated motor to propel its drive system. If you’re quite familiar with treadmills, it wouldn’t be far-fetched that you presume that this driving force and motor power are small. However, you must not forget that a higher motor speed is required for higher-speed devices. This walking treadmill manages the typical 1- 6km/h available on most devices within its category. Hence, the power from its motor is enough to maintain excellent machine conditions and exercise routine.
  • Console: This machine features an LCD screen that displays the user’s speed, distance covered, calories expended, number of steps taken, and exercise time. The device also comes with Bluetooth functionality and audio speakers that allow you to boost your motivation while working out by connecting your smartphone to your treadmill and playing your favourite songs. 

It is worth mentioning that this walking treadmill needs to be lubricated. Although it comes pre-lubricated before leaving the factory, after a cumulative mileage of 100km, it will need to be lubricated again. The designers added a lubrication sign to the display console that will inform you when the machine needs oiling.

  • Design: All walking treadmills were designed to provide space-saving, light workout programs, and this device does not disregard this goal. It comes with a compact, ultra-thin design that lets you store in even confined spaces like under a sofa. With its transportation wheels, you can easily move the machine to any part of your home after use.
  • Deck: Walking on hard surfaces will send impacts to your joints and that isn’t good for you. To avoid that, this treadmill comes with a multi-layer deck to reduce the impacts sent to your joints. The running deck is also wear-resistant, non-slip, and features a quiet glide technology.
  • Added Functions: Yes, a treadmill’s main focus is for exercising but who says you can’t have additional functions to improve safety and user experienceJ? There is a child lock feature on this device that does, as the name suggests- protect children from using the treadmill without proper supervision. This function automatically activates after startup and will only be unlocked by long-pressing the speed button.

Product Specification

Dimension134 x 125 x 59cm (L x H x W)
Running Belt Area43 x 108
Machine’s Weight23/9kg
Maximum User Weight110kg
Motor Rating440hp
Speed Range1-6km/h
Bluetooth CompatibilityYes
Built-in SpeakersYes
Transportation WheelsYes
Included ComponentsWalking Machine, Power Cord, Remote Control, Inner Hex Key, and Silicone Oil.


  • Excellent performing waking treadmill
  • Durable construct
  • Shock-absorbing, anti-slip walking belt
  • Quiet in operation
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Compact, ultra-thin, space-saving design


  • Needs lubrication after every 100km mileage

Recommendation and Purchase Option

CITYSPORTS CS-WP2 is a top-quality treadmill available at a fairly low price. Its top-quality build with superior materials, sleek design, and available functions like Bluetooth speakers make one wonder why it comes at such a low price. The need for lubrication may add to its overall cost of use but we need you to have a paradigm shift. It is common for people to avoid machines that need lubrication. However, lubricating a machine is a healthy practice as it extends its lifespan. So, this walking treadmill still gets our full recommendation.

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  • Multi-Speed
  • Bluetooth Integrated Speakers
  • LCD screen
  • Lubrication sign
  • Max Security

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