CITYSPORTS CS-WP3 440W Foldable Treadmill Review

While some people prefer popularity and familiarity, others choose to go with uniqueness and simplicity. If you are the kind of guy that prefers simple and unique equipment, you’d be a fan of the CITYSPORTS CS-WP3 folding treadmill. While this treadmill might look different and too simple, but it is sure to offer you a serious workout session.

If you want to learn more about the treadmill and if it is worth investing in, read on this article.

What’s the price?


The first thing we noticed about this folding treadmill is its unique minimalistic design. It actually doesn’t look like your ordinary treadmill, but that shouldn’t fool you. To be honest, the treadmill outperforms many top-rated models out there. The best part is that the price tag is not that bad when you compare it to most treadmills out there.

Construction and Dimensions

It might have come with a simple design, but the machine comes with a strong metal frame that will be sure to serve you for a long time. The treadmill itself comes in at around 30kg, and it can support a maximum user weight of 110kg. In other words, it will suit the average user without any problem.

Also, it will not take much of your space, hence making it a good pick if you are in a confined apartment or a small room. When fully set up, it will measure 139cm by 67cm by 120cm, but that size will reduce slightly when folded. If you fold it, the treadmill will only cover 134cm by 67cm by 101cm.

And no, you won’t have to carry it around once it is folded. Instead, you can roll it away easily on the transport wheels onboard.


This fella comes with a powerful motor that will offer you an impressive workout session. Well, it is not comparable to other top-rated units, but it isn’t that bad either. The CITYSPORTS CS-WP3 is equipped with a 440W motor that will offer you a decent workout session. With this motor, you can achieve a top speed of 8km/h.

Of course, that’s slightly slower than most units out there, but it is better than just sitting all day long. You can still achieve a worthwhile workout session with this baby.


Just because the treadmill is made of a simple design doesn’t mean that you cannot view your workout stats. There are two buttons that allow you to adjust the speed of the motor accordingly. It can be adjusted from 1km/h to 8km/h easily using the buttons onboard.

The console then allows you to check your current speed, time, calories burned, and distance covered. This lets you keep track of your workout progress with ease.

Workout Experience

The speed adjustability of CS-WP3 allows you to change the speed of your treadmill to match your goals accordingly. Besides that, you will be sure of staying entertained throughout your workout session. There is an inbuilt Bluetooth receiver, along with a speaker that lets you listen to your favorite workout tracks while training. There is also a tablet holder that allows you to set it up for watching workout videos freely.

User Experience

We loved the fact that you won’t have to bend to control the treadmill. All you have to do is use the remote control to adjust the speed or volume of the onboard speaker. There is also an armrest that is adjustable to meet your comfort.

The foldable treadmill doesn’t come with an auto-lubrication, but there is a reminder that will alert you whenever the machine needs to be lubricated. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to add oil to the running belt.


  • Unique, minimalistic design makes it stand out
  • Foldable design with transport wheels for easy storage
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with inbuilt speaker
  • Comes with an emergency stop function for user safety
  • Features a lubrication reminder


  • Some people prefer a unit with a high speed. This might not be the best pick for those in need of an intense workout.


This CITYSPORTS CS-WP3 is a good unit to purchase, which is designed to meet your workout needs accordingly. The design looks simple, but this foldable treadmill will offer a decent workout session. You can adjust the speed to meet your preference, and this can be done using the remote control. Furthermore, you get to store it away easily by folding it when it is not in use. Best of all, the price tag is very friendly.

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  • Emergency stop function
  • Built-in Bluetooth and speaker
  • Controllable armres
  • Self-lubrication system
  • Foldable

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