DKN EzRun Treadmill Review: Read Before You Buy

Do you love premium quality fitness equipment and you are not afraid of spending a few hundred pounds for one? If you are, you should consider the DKN EzRun Treadmill. This machine comes from a recognized brand, DKN, and comes with multiple functions to give you a good workout session. While it might seem like a top-level workout machine, it offers you friendly user experience. Let’s explore it more to learn about its functionality and delivery.

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Few Things About EzRun

The EzRun treadmill is designed to offer what its name suggests – a smooth running experience on the deck. It is a full-featured running machine that gives you a good value for money. The machine is powered by a 1.75hp continuous duty motor, which offers you multiple speeds. The running belt is wide enough and also designed to reduce impact and shocks. As you’d expect, this one also comes with a console to let you enjoy the pre-loaded workout programs and also track your progress.

Well, you shouldn’t worry about the size of this beast because it can comfortably fit in your confined space.


  • Size and design

We stated that this machine comes with a not-so-large size, which means you can easily include it in your small apartment or studio. This unit measures 183 (h) by 85 (w) by 143 (l) cm. It comes in heavier than most treadmills, weighing 84 Kg. That heavyweight means that the treadmill can support up to 130kgs of user weight. So, it’s a plus.

  • Console/workout programs

You want a machine that lets you enjoy your workout session with the available programs. Luckily, this one comes with an easy-to-read backlit 5-inch LCD display, along with two user profile. With these profiles, you can use with your partner at home to make your exercises more interesting. With these profiles, you can store your data as you work out.

Furthermore, there are 15 pre-set workout programs that include, Inverse Speed Pyramid, Fat Attack, Fartlek Run, Three Peaks, Power Walk, Calorie Burn, Pyramid, Everest, Cross Country, and more. In addition to that, you get 3 user-defined, 3 countdowns, 3 heart-rate-controlled, and 1 body-fat program. This assures you of a flexible workout experience.

  • Incline and speed levels

This heavy-duty machine offers you an intense workout experience, and it is all in the incline and speed levels. You will enjoy an electronically-powered incline range of between 0 and 12%. With this, you can adjust the intensity you need to jog, run, or walk. The 12% incline lets you ramp an elevation of up to 7 degrees for you to target your muscles and boost your cardio strength.

In terms of the speed, you can enjoy a maximum of 20kph – so your sprint practicing will be challenging enough on this machine.

  • Running Deck

Anybody in need of a treadmill will focus their attention on the running deck. Is it large enough? What features does it have? Will, my feet experience a hard impact when I’m running on it? All these are factors that you need to consider.

Luckily, the DKN EzRun treadmill scores decently. First off, it offers you a running belt with plenty of room. Coming it at 140cm by 52cm, this running belt is large enough to let you run without knocking the frame. The belt sits on top of a top-notch running deck that is well-cushioned to minimize the impact, shock and injuries to your joints when your feet land on the belt.

  • User-experience

This machine might seem heavy, but it is quite simple to assemble. And if you are a beginner, you can use the user manual to guide you on how to set it up. When working with this treadmill, you will have an amazing time. The workout programs are plenty, you can view your progress of the LCD monitor, and the entire unit is easy to use.

Furthermore, DKN EzRun is compatible with the Kinomap technology, which grants you access to multiple live action videos, you can share your results, and even join the scheduled multiplayer sessions. You can connect your phone or tablet to this machine, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Large, cushioned running belt
  • Adjustable incline and elevation levels
  • It can reach up to 20kph
  • Compatible with Kinomap technology
  • Multiple workout programs


  • It is too heavy to carry it alone
  • It doesn’t come cheaply


Bottom line, the DKN EzRun is one of the best out there. It is a heavy machine, which means it will last for a long time. Furthermore, the company offers it on a 2-year labor and part warranty. This machine will assure you of an intense workout session with a user-friendly experience.


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  • 0-12% motorised incline functionality
  • Cushioning System
  • 25 workouts
  • Clear blue backlit 5" LCD
  • Integrated Bluetooth

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