F4H JK 1603 Folding Treadmill Review

The F4H JK 1603 Folding Treadmill, as the name suggests, indeed a folding treadmill that focuses on people who are a newbie to do work out sessions at home without any assistance.  On looking into the functions and other specifications, you will find the treadmill is gentle and superior over its peers. It comes with pulse sensors and an emergency key to shut down the machine and also features a drinks holder. The additional feature helps youthe workout session a pleasant experience.

It is important to note that the pulse function works well while walking on the treadmill. The folding mechanism is simple and painless, and also it is easy to dismantle and assemble. So if you are planning to buy a treadmill for a better workout regime, this review will help you to understand the highlighted features of the treadmill to make you fit.

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Striking Features of F4H JK 1603 Rapid Motorised Folding Treadmill

The Speed Of The Treadmill

The F4H JK 1603 is best suitable for the fitness exercise program. The machine powers with a 0.75HP motor which can comfortably take a maximum load of 100 Kg.  Also, you will have the options to adjust the speed between 1-10km/h, and you can select various modes from a slow walk, an average jog or an energetic run.

The Display Screen

The LCD screen monitors the speed of the treadmill and also displays a variety of information such as the time spent on exercise, the calories they have burnt during the workout and even their heartbeat rate, etc.

Safety Feature

For augmenting the safety quotient, it comes with an emergency stop key feature, which makes the machine stop at once if you feel like losing control while on session. The emergency key feature and the drinks holder makes F4H treadmill a complete one for the users to get motivated.

Ease Of Access With A Foldable Feature

As you plan to purchase a treadmill for your home, you may feel that it will be huge and consume a lot of space. But the F4H JK 1603 Folding Motorized Rapid Treadmill changes your mindset of being extraordinarily slim and easily foldable, and it can easily transport wherever you want to take it. More options in this guide.

A Hydraulic Release

In case if the user is short in height, it has a feature to adjust the height by tapping on the rear bar and it will automatically adjust to the required position, making the workout a comfortable experience.

A Product Of Efficiency With The Smooth Running Surface

As you do walking on the treadmill, it makes you feel comfortable with its high quality running board and the high-quality Poly Vinyl Chloride running belt.  The running board is wider than other standard treadmills of this class and price, which is an added advantage.  A combination of yellow and black color makes it more attractive and certainly will enhance the interior elegance.


  • Easily foldable.
  • LED monitor.
  • 75 motor with lifetime warranty.
  • Complemented with drink holder.
  • Comes with wheels.
  • Can hold a weight of 100Kg maximum.
  • Speed can adjust between 1 to 10km/h.
  • Color black & yellow.
  • 3-level inclination.
  • Hand pulse sensor.
  • Emergency stop key.
  • Strong tubular metal frame.


  • Sleek and flimsy
  • The belt is narrow and short

A Judicious Verdict About The Product

The JK 1603 Folding Treadmill is ideal for beginners, and it occupies very little space. Though it uses a sturdy tubular metal frame, it weighs only 30 Kg which is a comfort factor allowing quick and easy mobility. It gains laurels from most of the users for its fair price and informative features. You can purchase the product through direct manufactures or trustable online stores. The product clearly outshines in ranking, and with most of the major online stores, it has scored more than 4.7 to 4.9 stars out of possible 5 stars, which illustrates its acceptability among the customers.

Customer feedbacks unanimously reflect the confidence they repose on the products, especially its sturdy design and folding features.  The LCD readings are clear and accurate and deal with various vital functions essential while doing a workout.  The treadmill is standing right with the value for the money.


The compact portable F4H JK 1603 Folding Treadmill is ideal for people who want to stay fit by doing simple workout sessions at home.  With precision LCD monitoring, a wide range of pre-programmed utilities, features such as various speed regulations, it is a real fat burner and let you stay fit.  You may find some low-quality plastic parts, which are prone to damage if worked hard. However, it has an excellent folding mechanism, and it is easy to assemble.  Besides, to add your surprise, the pulse sensors and emergency stop key features make it an incredible option for people who love to stay fit without hitting on a gym parlor.

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  • Speed - 1-10km/h
  • 3-level manual incline
  • 1.2mm high density board
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Running area size - 1100x340mm

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