FIT4HOME Unisex’s SSJK-03 X-lite I Treadmill Review

Having fitness equipment at home make it possible to work out more often and at your convenience. Working out has health benefits such as losing weight, boosting metabolism rate, building muscle strength and many more. Below is a review of FIT4HOME SSJK-03 X-lite I Treadmill, black, onesize which can achieve your fitness goals.

The X-lite I treadmill is small and foldable saving valuable living space,and this makes it suitable for flats, apartments and smaller houses. It is compact with 8 pre-set interval training programs and a powerful 750w motor. The X-lite I offer a speed of 10km/h and 3 incline levels.

Let’s see how this treadmill functions.

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Fitness Level Settings

The look of a treadmill is essential,but the settings of the machine are crucial when buying one. The setting helps you in achieving your fitness goals such as boosting your cardiovascular system, building muscles and losing fat.


The set-up for this treadmill is easy and takes only a few minutes, and you are ready to go. You can choose between the 8 pre-set interval training programs for your workouts. Choosing from the pre-set programs is ideal for those trying to push their body to the limit. It has one manual setting that will help you control the incline and speed when running.


It has a maximum speed of 10km/h which is suitable for beginners who are looking forward to losing extra pounds and for intermediate workouts. Don’t be turned away by the 10km/h speed as it will be enough for you especially if you are working out for an extended period.

This treadmill also enables you to alternate between high intensity and low recovery periods helping you to improve aerobic capacity and keep burning calories.


The 10% fixed incline helps you to maximize on cardiovascular benefits of running and puts less strain on your knees. It also enables you to tone your legs and glutes, burn calories more than when working out with no incline, increases your endurance and reduces shock to your legs by 25%.

When it comes to monitoring your workouts, this treadmill offers you an LCD that allows you to view your speed, distance and calories.


FIT4HOME SSJK-03 treadmill has diamond grip and 1020 x 340mm space that gives you room and safety enabling you to exercise comfortably and be focused on your workout. The tread is stylish and designed to reduce bounce which offers you superior cushioning and grip making it easier and comfortable on your joints.

The powerful 750w motor will keep this treadmill running and running. Also, the oversized motor casing reduces vibration and noise while adding stability. Additionally, the motor has a silent fan cooled temperature management.

The cushioning of the SSJK-03 X-lite offers soft landing of each step, increased comfort, firmer push off,and all these lessens the impact of each movement on your joints reducing chances of injuries.

Perfectly Designed For Home Use

It has a foldable design for storage saving up on space in your home. You simply roll it out when using it and fold it away when you are done. It has two safety locking features that keep it secure and safe from falling when stored in an upright position.

SSJK-03 X-lite I Features

  • Maximum speed 10km/h
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • 10% fixed incline
  • Extra-wide and longer running surface (1020 x 340mm)
  • Folding design
  • 3incline levels
  • Easy to control pad
  • LCD to monitor your speed, distance and calories
  • BMI calculator


  • Lightweight and hence easy on moving
  • Foldable saving storage space
  • Highly durable
  • Display with speakers and smartphone connection
  • 8 pre-set training programs
  • Unisex


  • The maximum speed of 10km/h. This speed may limit individuals who are at an advancedfitness stage.


FIT4HOME SSJK-03 X-lite I treadmill is durable, reliable and with 8 pre-set training programs that suit a first time user and intermediate workouts. This treadmill is affordable and has great features. The 10% fixed incline offers cardiovascular benefits, and the LCD make monitoring of speed, distance and calories easier.The foldable design barely takes space and makes storage easy.

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Our Rating



  • 750W Motor
  • 8 High+Low Intensity Pre-set Programs
  • Resistance Training
  • 125(H) x 47.5(W) x 120(L) cm
  • 23.5kg

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