JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill Review, Features and Price

If you’re a fitness geek, you must be looking for something to help you workout in the comfort of your home. A good quality and affordable treadmill is all that you need to carry on your home-fitness regime. A treadmill will allow you to workout in different ways and burn your fats to appear slim and smart. JLL S300 Folding Treadmill is an ideal choice for all the family members as it is equipped with many features to assist the workout. The treadmill offers a low starting speed that is very beneficial if you’re a beginner, an old person, or are recovering from an injury.

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S300 Running Machine’s Features

Speed and incline options

The JLL S300 features the lowest starting speed in the UK. It offers a smooth and steady start to the user which is very beneficial for workout. It offers a start of 0.3 km which allows enough time to the user to warm up and progress gradually. The speed can be increased up to 16 km if the user is willing to have a fast run. There are incline options available too, which allow the user to accelerate the weight loss and training. There are 20 different incline levels which you can choose using the incline buttons.

The incline buttons are present on the handrail and are easily accessible. The elevation can be adjusted and fat calories can be burnt effectively. At the 20-incline level you can burn four times more calories as compared to normal incline level.

Easy programming

The S300 is equipped with 15 different running programs to help you workout more effectively. There are easy programming options available and three of these 15 running programs are custom, that is, you can easily reset the speed on the first three programs. There is an LCD display which tells you about the current running statistics so that you’re aware of your performance.

If you want, you can also create your own programs according to your preference. The LCD display will indicates the speed, time, inline, calories burnt, distance run, and heart rate. The heart rate program is assisted by some special sensors in the treadmill that sustain your desired heart rate by making adjustments to the running speed. This is very beneficial for the user as it keeps the body at an active position by synchronizing with the heart rate.


  • Speed: 0.3 – 16 km/h
  • Running area: 48’’ X 16’’
  • Incline: 20 levels
  • Motor: DC
  • Controller: digital micro-computer controller
  • Store: Folding and wheels
  • Programs: 15 running programs
  • Display: Blue backlit 5’’ LCD
  • Shock absorption: Yes
  • Horsepower: Continuous 2.5 HP, Peak 4.5 HP
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Fan: No
  • Item holder: Yes


  • It has a wide and comfortable running area.
  • There are built-in heart rate sensors.
  • Digital micro-computer controller technology is used.
  • It offers easy storage due to folding option.
  • There are 20 levels of inline.
  • It offers smooth running with suspension system.
  • The speed range is good.
  • It has a long warranty.
  • Wheels are provided for easy transport.


  • The assembly instructions are not very informative.
  • It is heavy.
  • The size is large even after folding it.

Customer Reviews And Conclusion

The treadmill is used by many people for working out at home. The product is very popular among fitness geeks because of its user-friendly features. According to many customers, the treadmill lived up to the expectations and is good for long term use. It offers a smooth running and offers good value for money. According to a customer, the treadmill is worth buying as it is very easy to use and there are different programs to assist during workout.

The JLL S300 folding treadmill is a good option for those who want to keep themselves fit at the comfort of their homes. The good thing is that, people of all ages can benefit from this treadmill and keep a track of their fitness statistics. It is very durable and easily programmable, and is equipped with lots of features to make workout easier and more comfortable.

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  • Foldable with built-in wheels
  • 5-Inch LCD monitor
  • 16-point cushion deck absorption system
  • Running area size: 123cm x 41 cm
  • 15 running programs

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