JLL S400 Digital Folding Treadmill Review And Features

The JLL S400 Digital Folding Treadmill is advanced enough to assist a pro and at the same time easy enough to help a newbie to understand the basics of workout sessions. Being a foldable treadmill, JLL S400 does excellent work on saving up space in your room. The smooth mechanism of this machine and noiseless features make it a favorable choice for home workout freaks. Along with digitalization, this device designed to stay flexible with your workout requirements.

It has a running space of 135×45 cm along with a 16 point cushioned deck, making it swift and smooth to run over. Even if you have weak joints or if you’re recovering from an injury, S400 treadmill will make the workout easy for you with the help of the cushioned deck. With the ease of the Bluetooth connection and USB ports, this machine is a winner for the buyers.

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Here’s explaining more details about the machine and its features.

Prominent Features Of  S400 Treadmill:

  • 20-Level Incline: The 20 level incline feature helps you adjust with the levels of the incline while working out and makes you lose weight four times than the usual time by just walking. At an easy reach, you can elevate the incline as per your requirement before beginning the walk.
  • Dynamic Entertainment: If you’re someone who likes music during a workout, this will be a treat for you. With this machine, you can connect your phone or iPods with Bluetooth or USB ports that will enhance the workout experience with the help of the high powered built-in speakers. Get rid of the headphones or earphones and access the sound at ease.
  • Fold + Drop system: As the name suggests, this device is build to fold when not in use and save your space. You can drag the upper belt down to drop the panel to run on and simultaneously push it back up when not in use. Check this list for similar products.
  • Handrail controls: While you catch the ends and walk or run on this machine, a sensor will keep calculating your heart rate and will also give the ease of inclining the device with a touch. The control panel of the system is enabled on the handle to make it easy for you to control the speed.
  • 15 preset programs: This feature will amplify your time during workouts as it provides you a speed preset of 15 different frequencies with the ease of creating your speed as needed and keep shuffling on the presets to make your workout more fun. With the help of this preset, you can enjoy both high intensity and low-intensity exercise.


  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Level incline inability
  • Speed controls at the touch of your grip
  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Convenient sessions for injured people.
  • Helps in customizing the presets as required
  • Built-in sensors for heart rate
  • Wide running area


  • The fold and drop system may need a bit of a strengthening push to put it low.
  • Very heavy

The Verdict Of The Product

JLL S400 is by far a full-fledged device that meets the need of both a beginner with workouts and a professional trainer himself as well. The ease of use in this machinery is a charming remark made by most of the buyers. The smooth and compact design of this device will make it easy for every individual to use it effortlessly. The only concern put forth by the customers are related to the delivery speed; otherwise, the words have been entirely wise about the new device in the market.

On a scale of possible 5 stars, JLL S400 has been rated from 4.5 to 4.7 at the latest by the buyers so far and continues to be a star performer. Allowing you an elevating inclination this device is a win-win for a high and low-intensity workout. As per many satisfied user feedback, the machine has been user-friendly and allows access to customize the device as needed. Overall, we agree with the buyers and their ratings so far, making this device a revolutionarily, user-friendly treadmill.

The treadmill maker offers excellent back office service and ready to help you out in setting up the unit in the event if required.  Overall it is a good product, comes with detailed owner’s manuals with descriptive details about the assembling and various utilities. It is highly durable, well-built and truly stands value for the money.


The technologically well-equipped treadmill comes with fingertip features making it convenient to change the workout options between run and walk while continuing the session. The treadmill does require a technician’s support for the assembling, and for that JLL service team will always there to help you out. If you place an order from an outside inventory store or have an online purchase, either way, a dedicated team during the delivery assists you to assemble the product, making it easier to use the module immediately after purchase. The JLL S400 Digital Folding Treadmill has been a winner for every buyer, and we believe that its extraordinary mechanism will be a star performer for future buyers as well.

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  • 20-Level Incline
  • 16-Point Cushion System
  • 15 Preset Programs
  • Dynamic Entertainment
  • Handrail Controls

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