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JLL T550 Folding Treadmill Review

JLL T550 is a premium-quality treadmill designed for indoor exercise. This treadmill is equipped with advanced features and technologies that make it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to enjoy a gym-like workout experience from the comfort of their homes. In this article, we will take a closer look at the treadmill and review its features and benefits.

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Powerful Motor

The JLL T550 treadmill features a DC Continuous Power 2.5 HP (1800W) motor and a peak power of 4.5 HP (3350W). This powerful motor allows the treadmill to reach high speeds of up to 11.2 mph or 20 km/h while remaining quiet and smooth. The motor is designed to be durable and long-lasting, making it suitable for intense workout sessions.

Auto-Incline Feature

The treadmill also comes with an auto-incline feature that offers 20 levels of incline. The incline height ranges from 18.5cm to 27.5cm, allowing users to simulate different terrains and intensify their workout. This feature is especially useful for those who want to burn more calories and target specific muscle groups.

30 Different Running Programs

The JLL treadmill offers 30 different running programs that cater to different fitness levels and goals. These programs are designed by professional trainers and cover a range of workout types, including interval training, fat burning, and cardio. The treadmill’s console is easy to navigate, and users can switch between different programs with just a few clicks.

Advanced Cushioning System

The T550 treadmill features an advanced cushioning system that reduces the impact on joints and absorbs noise. The cushioning system is designed to provide a comfortable and smooth workout experience while reducing the risk of injury. This feature is especially useful for those who have joint problems or want to prevent them.

Large Running Deck

The treadmill has a larger running deck than most other treadmills in its class. The running area is 156 cm (length) x 51 cm (width), providing ample space for running. This feature is especially useful for taller users who need more space to stride comfortably.

Connectivity Options

The T550 treadmill is equipped with high-powered speakers and supports iPod/iPhone/MP3 connectivity through Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows users to listen to their favorite music while working out and provides motivation to push harder.

Safety Compliance

The JLL T550 meets CE, ROHS & EN957 Standard Safety Compliance. This means that the treadmill has undergone rigorous testing and meets the highest safety standards.

Product Dimensions and Weight

The product dimensions of the treadmill are 186D x 72W x 136H centimeters, and the item weight is 106 Kilograms. The treadmill is made of alloy steel, making it sturdy and durable.

LCD Display

The treadmill features a 13.5-inch LCD that shows workout metrics: distance, calories burned, time, speed and heart rate. The display is easy to read and provides users with real-time feedback on their workout performance.

Corded Electric Power Source

The T550 treadmill is powered by a corded electric power source. This means that users do not have to worry about replacing batteries or charging the machine. The treadmill is easy to use, and users can simply plug it into a power outlet to start their workout.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The JLL T550 is a robust and sturdy treadmill that has a maximum weight capacity of 150 kilograms. This means that users who weigh up to 150 kilograms can use the treadmill without any issues. The maximum weight capacity is an important consideration when purchasing a treadmill, as it determines the suitability of the machine for different users.

The high weight capacity makes it an ideal choice for heavier users who are looking for a reliable and durable treadmill. It is important to note that exceeding the maximum weight capacity can result in damage to the machine, and can also pose a safety risk to the user. Therefore, it is recommended that users do not exceed the maximum weight capacity when using the JLL treadmill.

Built in Sensors

The T550 treadmill is equipped with built-in sensors for monitoring heart-rate, which can be a valuable tool for users who are looking to track their fitness progress and improve their overall health. The heart-rate sensors are located on the handles of the treadmill, and can provide real-time feedback on the user’s heart rate during exercise.

Heart rate monitoring is an important aspect of cardiovascular exercise, as it helps users to understand the intensity of their workout and adjust accordingly. By monitoring heart rate, users can ensure that they are working within their target heart rate zone, which is typically 50-85% of their maximum heart rate. This can help to improve cardiovascular health, burn calories, and improve overall fitness levels.


  • Powerful motor that can reach high speeds while remaining quiet and smooth
  • Advanced cushioning system reduces impact on joints and absorbs noise
  • Soft drop system allows for easy and smooth folding and unfolding of the treadmill
  • Large running area provides ample space for running
  • Offers 30 different workout programs and built-in heart-rate sensors for monitoring
  • Meets safety compliance standards
  • Suitable for users weighing up to 150 kilograms


  • Relatively heavy and bulky, making it difficult to move around or store in smaller spaces
  • Requires a corded electric power source, limiting its placement options in a room
  • May not be suitable for users who prefer a smaller or more compact treadmill
  • Children under 12 are prohibited from using the treadmill, and between 12yr-18yr old must be supervised while in use.


Overall, the JLL T550 is a versatile and reliable treadmill that offers a range of features and benefits for users of all levels. Its powerful motor, advanced cushioning system, and soft drop system make it a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts and those looking to improve their overall health and well-being.

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