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KingSmith WalkingPad A1 Pro Under Desk Treadmill Review

The WalkingPad A1 Pro is a state-of-the-art compact treadmill designed for home and office use. It is an ideal solution for individuals who are looking for a way to stay active and healthy while working or studying. With its innovative features and high-quality construction, the treadmill is the perfect fitness equipment for anyone who wants to exercise anytime, anywhere.

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Compact and Foldable Design

One of the main advantages of the KingSmith WalkingPad A1 Pro is its compact and foldable design. This treadmill is ultra-slim and foldable, with no assembly required. It folds to 82.2 x 54.7 x 12.9cm and can be easily stored under a desk, sofa, or bed, making it perfect for those who live in small apartments or have limited space. The treadmill has a low-profile black matte finish that fits into any interior, giving users the freedom to work out at home or office without worrying about the equipment’s appearance.

Durability and Smooth Workout

The A1 Pro is made of high-strength, lightweight aluminum, and has been rigorously tested for durability. It uses EVA cushioning and an ultra-quiet brushless motor to provide a smooth, low noise workout. The treadmill has adaptive speed control, which adjusts the speed from where you land in automatic mode. Speed can be adjusted manually using the remote control or app. The speed range is from 0.5 km/h to 6 km/h in 0.5 km/h increments. Additionally, the treadmill has a novice tutorial for safety reasons, which can be completed in the app to raise the speed limit from 3KM to 6KM.

Wireless Remote Control and LED Display

The WalkingPad comes with a wireless remote control that can be used to turn it on and off, accelerate, decelerate, and switch modes. The treadmill has a high bright LED panel that displays time, distance, and speed data in real-time, providing users with accurate and up-to-date information about their workout progress.

Exclusive KS Fit App

The KingSmith treadmill comes with the exclusive KS Fit app, available on both iOS and Android. The app provides additional features and content, including workout plans, video tutorials, and social sharing. The app is regularly updated with new content, ensuring that users always have access to the latest and most effective workout programs.

Suitable for Walking and Jogging

The KingSmith treadmill is suitable for both walking and jogging, making it an ideal choice for individuals of all fitness levels. The treadmill has a user weight capacity of up to 105 kg, ensuring that it can accommodate most users. With its compact design, quiet operation, and adjustable speed, the treadmill is the perfect fitness equipment for anyone who wants to stay active and healthy.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

One of the standout features of the A1 Pro treadmill is its ultra-quiet operation. So, thanks to its brushless motor and EVA cushioning system, the treadmill provides a smooth and low-noise workout experience that won’t disturb other people in your home or office. Whether you’re walking or jogging, you can enjoy a peaceful and stress-free workout that allows you to focus on your fitness goals.

Award-Winning Design and Customer Satisfaction

The A1 Pro has won the German Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award for its smart folding design and appearance, confirming its high-quality construction and innovative design. The manufacturer places great value on customer satisfaction and will work to resolve any issues with an order, providing users with peace of mind and a high level of customer service.


  1. Compact and foldable design makes it easy to store and use in small spaces.
  2. Ultra-quiet operation and smooth EVA cushioning system provide a comfortable and low-noise workout experience.
  3. Adaptive speed control and customizable speed and workout options make it suitable for users of all levels.
  4. High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction ensures durability and stability.
  5. Wireless remote control and KS Fit app provide convenient and advanced control options.
  6. Novice tutorial and safety features ensure safe and effective use.
  7. Stylish and modern design with a sleek black matte finish.


  1. Limited speed range of 0.5 km/h to 6 km/h may not be sufficient for advanced runners.
  2. User weight capacity of 105 kg may not be suitable for heavier users.
  3. LED panel may be difficult to read in bright or low-light environments.
  4. App integration may require a stable and reliable internet connection.
  5. High cost compared to other manual treadmills or walking pads.


In conclusion, the WalkingPad A1 Pro is a compact and foldable treadmill that is perfect for home and office use. With its high-quality construction, innovative features, and award-winning design, it is the ideal fitness equipment for anyone who wants to stay active and healthy while working or studying. Whether you are looking to walk or jog, the treadmill provides a smooth and quiet workout that can help relieve stress and back pain caused by sitting for long periods.

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  • Wireless Remote Control
  • High Bright LED Panel
  • No assembly required
  • Adaptive speed control
  • 180° foldable

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