Lontek Folding Treadmill Review And Features

I haven’t really been working with this treadmill as often as I think I should have, however, the LONTEK Folding Treadmill appealed to me for the affordability and the folding feature that has been included. While many people might not know of this treadmill, this article should shed some light on many of the key features you can have.

I have tested the treadmill quickly and this means I could not really see all the features. However, with some diligent research and many expert comments, I could easily see what this mashine is made of. In this article, we take a quick look at the LONTEK Treadmill and many of the features to help you decided if this is the ideal equipment for your needs.

What’s the price?

Technical Specifications

  • High-quality steel frame for durability
  • 5 HP motor will keep you driven and going forward
  • Decent LCD display that helps with the tracking of all the important stats
  • Folding design will make it really easy for you to store when not needed
  • Massive safety features for your own protection as a beginner
  • 10km/h top speed
  • 104 x 36cm running surface
  • Reduced noise compared to many other options
  • 12 professional programs included
  • Maximum weight limit of 100kgs


Looking at some of the specs, I thought the treadmill is rather basic and to be honest, it is quite basic compared to some of the elite options. However, Lontek Folding Treadmill is also really affordable to buy. It can be folded when you are done and this is one of the top selling points, making it small and easy to use in a smaller apartment.

The 100kg weight limit is not the best and this means only smaller users will have comfort using it. If you exceed this weight limit, you will not qualify for the 1-year warranty. However, it can reach massive speeds of 10km/h. This should be more than enough for many of the fitness fanatics to keep them running at a faster pace if needed.

Behind all of this power, is the 1.5HP motor, made to be quiet and this will ensure that no one is really disturbed when you are using it. I like the inclusion of 12-programs that have all been designed by professional fitness experts to help you reach all of your fitness goals. In terms of the running surface, it is also designed for smaller individuals and mostly targeted for the female market to enjoy.

It does not connect to the internet and you will need to manually log your stats on your apps if you are counting calories. However, the stats are fairly accurate and should give you a true calculation of all your results. This also serves to be a great motivating factor for many new runners looking to break previous records.

What We Like About Lontek Folding Treadmill

  • The design is easy to use and fairly simple
  • Decent top speed for beginners and long distance runners
  • Motor quality is on par with other top rivals
  • I love the affordable price
  • A small but decent 1-year limited warranty included
  • The treadmill can easily be folded and moved out of the way when done (check this article if you are looking for foldable running machine)
  • Multiple programs are included from professionals

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not designed for vigorous use
  • The treadmill does not work well for larger people looking to lose weight
  • You will need to manually log all of your stats when you are done

Should You Buy This Treadmill?

The LONTEK Folding Treadmill is mostly marketed for the female users among us. It is fairly cheap and made for people with a smaller stature. However, many smaller males can also get a decent workout from it. It is highly recommended to smaller individuals and it should be a great addition to your fitness regime if you live in a smaller apartment. Folding it seems pretty easy once it has been fully set up.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on this treadmill. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever used it and what your experience was. We look forward to reading some of your expert comments.

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  • Speed Range 0.8 km/h - 10 km/h
  • LCD display
  • Safety Key
  • Cushioning design
  • High quality steel

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