Nero Sports Pro Treadmill

Nero Sports Pro Treadmill Review: Stylish And Simple

Want to lose weight, stay fit, or tone your body? Well, there is nothing better to use than this Nero Pro Treadmill.

This inexpensive treadmill is stylish and highly versatile. It is also well-made, 99% pre-assembled, and ultralight. You should be able to assemble it by yourself. And when you are done, you can launch one of its quick training programs and get off to a flying start in your mission to lose weight or tone your figure.

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It has got some doable but challenging training programs preloaded into it. Within a couple of weeks of using it, you will definitely notice significant positive changes in your physique and your overall fitness levels.

About the Manufacturer

Not much info is available online about the manufacturer of this product. However, Nero Sports products have very high-ratings on Amazon and other similar sites. People seem to be in love with the quality, innovativeness, and durability of the brand’s sports machines. Considering that this product also has a 5-star rating on Amazon and that it is one of the best-selling running machines, we can only assume that it is as good as all other Nero Sports machines available online.

Key features

  • Brilliantly designed
  • Extremely lightweight but at the same time sturdy and durable
  • Can be collapsed into an easy to store unit
  • Can connect via Bluetooth to Android, iPad, and iPhone
  • Comes with a free water bottle and a free smartphone stand
  • Can track training activity, progress, and performance
  • Shows stats (including number of calories burned) on a decent LED dashboard screen
  • Preloaded with 12 different programs for different body sizes and shapes
  • Has five different run speeds which means you can easily find a speed to work with
  • Its frame is made of hard steel
  • You can load a Google map and run your usual outdoors distance indoors
  • Arrives 99% assembled


The Nero Pro is a work of art in more ways than one.

First off, it is a very stylish running machine. It comes in matte black and has a smallish and easy to clean dashboard. It looks so good that most people wouldn’t mind permanently setting it up in their bedrooms. Not many other treadmills available on the market look like it and, therefore, cannot be left just like that in the bedroom.

Its second advantage is the fact that you can use it to train both indoors and outdoors. You can train outdoors by downloading a google map on its special app and running through a selected path on the map. This can help you set mental goals and push you to get to where you want to be on the map. It is a fantastic way to get your body to do more. Again, not many other treadmills have this feature.

Another advantage is the fact that Nero Pro treadmill has an easy-to-use dashboard for tracking everything. The dashboard is very simple. It has two parts, one with the screen and the other with the controls. The controls are plainly labelled. This is the easy-to-use part. You can use them to quickly display the stat you want to see or to set a quick training program.

The screen part is where you track everything. It is set up in such a manner that it displays everything really well. You won’t need to squint or to lean to know how fast you are running, how many calories you are burning, or how much distance you have covered.

The lightweight design of this treadmill together with its easy-folding design is also an advantage. Although made of tough steel, this machine weighs only 24 kg. So moving it around will not be a problem. Moreover, if you want to clean the space where it is or to store it away, you can easily do so because it can easily fold into a slim structure that you can just carry to the corner.

This machine definitely deserves all the praise it is getting online.


The only drawback to owning this treadmill is that it is not so long. What this means is that if you are really tall, you will not be able to enjoy running really fast on it because you will not be able to take long strides.


Definitely one of the best treadmills in its class. Nero Pro is stylish and simple (easy to assemble, and easy to fold). It is also very functional with multiple run speeds and multiple training programs. You will most likely love it!

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  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Log training activity
  • 12 Auto programs
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Quick keys

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  1. Hi there, I just wanted to know something if you could help me please. I have a Nero Sport Tredmill. (the only other code i can see on the machine is, SLP LTD HU143NG) if that helps. Anyways, when i am running and it comes to about 15 mins, the machine stops itself and on the screen it shows “E8” and it won’t work again until i turn it off and on again. What does that code mean on the screen and why does it just stop like that. Would be a lot of help if you got back to me regarding this issue. Thank you

    1. Hi, did anyone ever get back to you on solving the E8 error as mine is suddenly doing the exact same as what you described, but cant seem to find an answer/solution anywhere. Many thanks for your time
      Kindest regards Laura

  2. Hello sir
    If you can help me will be very greatful. I have the same treadmill but when I switch on the red light comes on but there is no beep to start the machine. It’s a brand new treadmill but it doesn’t start.
    What to do ,

  3. Jacqueline Swensson

    I have a nero sport treadmill and when I switch it on it says e7 does anyone know what this means and how to fix it.

    Thank you

  4. Hello I have Nero sport and is not working enimor doesn’t show anything on the screen can you pls tell me what is the problem and how to fix it thank you

  5. Hello sir
    Please refer to my previous message, the power light comes on but there is no beep on the screen at all. It doesn’t start . It is a new machine but not working at all.
    Kindly help

  6. i just bought this treadmill and would like to know which is the best App to use with this to monitor and record the distance walked or ran in steps/meters.

  7. Hi
    Just wondering if any one has had a fault with there’s ie:- turn power on the main display flashes on then straight off. All the buttons seam to make a noise when pushed but no display the emergency stop system works ( magnet ) any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance…

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