Olympic 2000 Premier Treadmill – TF-370 Model Review

A treadmill can be an excellent investment for a home gym or a professional gym, giving you more choices to experiment. It provides countless options to get fit at home when you are out of time and can’t get to the gym. Premier Treadmill – TF-370 Model is aleading treadmill available in the market when looking at its value and quality and is ideal for home use.

Though an entry-level running machine, it is quite easy to use and beneficial. TF-370 is a straightforward treadmill with no much-advanced features or gimmicks, but it is durable and packed with several basic features including integrated pulse sensors.The quiet operation and working without shakes due to its sturdy build makes it great for home use. This model comes with an affordable price along with impressive features and quality functionalities offering the best value for the price.

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Highlighted Features Of Olympic 2000 TF-370

Sturdy Build

The Premier TF-370 Model is a simple yet sturdy and robusttreadmillwhich can bear a maximum weight of 120 kg. Those who are looking for achieving excellent weight loss results or building muscles without professional help, this treadmill is an ideal choice. The treadmill powered by a 1.0 HP low noise DC motor along with a blue LCD monitor showing speed, time, distance, pulse rate,and calories burned. Pulse rate sensors are a surprise feature in an entry-level machine and are a great feature you can find in a home treadmill. Keeping track of your pulse rate is essential to make sure you get the most out of every fitness session.

Easy To Control

TF-320 is an easy to control and easy to navigate treadmill with 12 programmable feature, which can also clock a maximum speed of 14km/h. Its speed can easily adjust with the buttons in the handlebar while walking or jogging. With 5 manual incline levels, the treadmill offers an incline of 15% variation from its previous position. It also has an emergency stop clip that automatically stops the treadmill if you fall off.

Ample Walking And Running Area

The TF-370 premier treadmill has an impressive walking and running area which measures around 120 x 39 cm. Though it is not the largest in the market, considering the price range, it is reasonably good enough for an entry-level treadmill. Most other treadmills in the similar price range come with a small surface which usually is preferable for walking and light jogging alone. Small running surface restricts your movements while working out but a wide running area transform the treadmill versatile and makes it suitable for quite a lot of activities.

Space saving design

If you are building a home gym, saving space mustalways be a priority. The Premier TF-370 is a great choice if you want to save space while wishing to have a machine to workout at home. The TF-370 treadmill comes in foldable with in-built wheels to make it easy for you move the machine to anywhere around the house. As this durable machine comes in a sturdy construction, it is very heavy, but the space-saving design makes it easy to store and transport fromone placeto another.


  • Study construction and strong build
  • Easy to control buttons
  • Manual incline of up to 15%
  • Low noise and powerful motor
  • Wide walking and running area
  • Easy to transport and space saving design


  • Not safe for fast-paced running
  • Very heavy


TF-370 Model is a budget-friendly entry-level treadmill with best features useful for home use. If you are looking for a treadmill for home-based workouts, this one is a perfect choice. Considering the impressive features which are not available in machines of the similar price range, it is a great buy.  As per the customer ranking, 90% of customers are happy with the product and complimented with full 5 stars ranking out of possible 5 stars. The customer feedbacks are a clear indication of the acceptability of the treadmill among the users.

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Premier Treadmill – TF-370 Model is a great entry level fitness machine which is an ideal choice for gentle walking and running experience. The sturdy construction of the treadmill contributes to its durability, and though the running belt seems a little flimsy, it gives the adequate grip needed. Robust and exceptional in quality, the treadmill comes with easy to adjust controls placed at the accessible area.

It is quite easy to assemble the treadmill with the basic instructions that come along with it. Once you get the treadmill home, you will have lots of opportunities to try out different fitness programs to get into your regular fitness routine. Take your time to explore the features of the treadmill, and this treadmill offers excellent value for the money you have spent.

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  • RUNNING AREA - 1200x390MM

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