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Reebok Jet 200 Treadmill Review: Get the Most Out of Your Training

Checking out reviews is a critical stage when purchasing an item. Many reviews have been done on treadmills seeking to find key features and aspects that set them apart. This helps shed light to potential customers on the performance of the treadmill helping them make a good choice. Below is a review of Reebok Jet 200 treadmill focusing on its features and functionality, pros, and drawbacks.

What’s the price?

Features And Settings


The Reebok Jet Series treadmills have a large console (5”) that displays elements such as time calories, distance and programmes. The display helps you keep track of your progress allowing you to decide on what to work on more or back off. This motivates you to work harder until you achieve your goals. Mounted on the console are incline and speed shortcut buttons, quick start, stop and emergency stop functionalities. These functionalities enable you to manage your workout efficiently.

There are 24 pre-programmed workouts for the user to choose. Additionally, built-in speakers and MP3 connectivity allow the user to add entertainment to their workout to boost their morale.

Safety Feature

The Reebok Jet treadmills feature built-in auto-stop functionality. There is a safety clip that you attach to your waistband when running. In case you fall or drift back the treadmill, the auto stop functionality detaches the magnetic tab from the console stopping the belt instantly reducing the risk of injuries.

Soft-Drop Folding System

The treadmill has a soft drop folding system that enables the user to easily set it for a workout and fold it into a compact package for storage after use. It is easy to assemble the treadmill since 90% is pre-built and the frame is stable and robust.

Air Motion Technology

Jet 200 treadmill is designed with user’s needs in mind. The treadmill features air motion technology in its 140 x 46cm running surface. It has cushioning air pods that transfer air to adapt the users’ foot strike reducing ground reaction force. The airflow cushioning helps reduce impact exerted on the joints especially during vigorous running, maintaining their health while minimising risks of other injuries.

Adjustable Cooling Fan

Sometimes it can get hot and sweaty when working out and this can slow you down on your exercises. This treadmill model comes with an inbuilt adjustable cooling fan within the control console enabling you to keep cool during workouts. The flow and cooling of the air are sorted out for you,and you can enjoy and push until you achieve your fitness goals.

Hand Grip Pulse Sensor

Monitoring your heart rate is essential when working out. Luckily, the treadmill has a grip pulse sensor that enables you to watch your heart rate ensuring that you hit your target zone and maintain it.

This running machine is powered by a 2.25 horsepower continuous duty that is very quiet making it suitable for noise sensitive neighbourhoods. You can workout at any time of the day with no worry of disturbing family members or neighbours. It has a max speed of 18kph and 15 levels of incline.

Jet 200 Key Features

  • Motor: 2.25 horsepower continuous duty
  • Speed range: 1-18kph
  • Running area: 46cm x 140cm
  • Max user weight: 120kg (264.5lbs)
  • Foldable design
  • Warranty: 10 years motor, 2 years frame, parts and labour


  • Air cushioning that provide comfort and reducesthe risk of injury
  • Very quiet during a workout
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable cooling fan
  • 24 programmes to choose from
  • The soft drop folding system saves space

Potential Drawbacks

  • The LCD could be better
  • It lacks wireless heart tare receiver

Bottom Line

The Jet 200 is a good machine that will help you achieve your fitness goals. The 24 programmes will help keep your body in shape. With the air cushioning, you are guaranteed comfort as well as reduced risk of injuries. If it gets hot, turn on the cooling fan to cool yourself. You will appreciate the sturdy and solid construction. However, the LCD monitor display could be better,and an addition of a heart rate receiver would be a plus.

Exercises wise, with this running machine you will reach your targets making it worth being in your watch list. It’s a good choice for most homes and runners.

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  • Air Motion Technology
  • Auto Stop Safety Feature
  • Adjustable Cooling Fan
  • Soft-drop Folding System

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