Sportstech F10 Treadmill Review: Perfect For Beginners

Treadmills are awesome tools runners and other sports enthusiasts can put to a great use. They serve as a means of getting tremendous cardio exercise without being limited by the elements, time or season. These machines come in various prices, types, capacities and sizes. And if you are a beginner in need of one that will not eat deep into your budget then you just have to think of Sportstech F10 Treadmill.

When buying a treadmill it is essential you consider the capacity of its horsepower, size of the belt as well as the ease of use just to mention but a few. And in this regard, the Sportstech F10 holds its own. It combines affordability with cool features you can find in a typical entry-level running machine. Therefore, kindly read along to learn more of this featured product.

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F10 Treadmill Overview

The Sportstech F10 is built as an entry level running machine to meet the basic indoor workouts. It sports 1 hp motor with the maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. This treadmill, apart from being reasonably priced, comes with awesome features.

Also, it has the capacity to carry a user weighing up to 120 kg. Truly, this is of solid construction with a blue backlight LCD display unit. It is very easy to maneuver and it comes with interesting, 12 training programs that you can use in the course of your workout. There are other notable features that seem to make this treadmill one of the best-sellers on the market and they are highlighted in the next section.


  • App Compatible Console – This treadmill comes with a console that enables you connect with iFitShow app through your smartphone or tablet. It is meant to help you achieve your fitness goals faster than you can imagine. With this app, you can perform a number of tasks. For instance, you can set and track your goals real-time as well as access your workout history. How about treating yourself to your favorite music or movie as you train. In addition, the bottle holder on the console makes it convenient for you to grab a drink without stepping off the mill.
  • Quiet but Powerful Motor – Although the Sportstech F10 is meant to be an entry-level treadmill, it boasts of many features you will find in higher grade products. One of such is the quietness of its 1 HP DC motor. It commands a speed limit of about 10 km/h that is suitable for walking, jogging as well as light running. Also, its limited sound helps you carry out your workout routine indoors without attracting the attention of your neighbours.
  • Comfortable Running Belt – This unit, also regarded as running deck, is the part that carries your weight as you exercise. It features a 5-layer, high-tech running surface. This is designed specially to offer you premium comfort and cushion as you run. Furthermore, the treadmill sports some safety measures. One of such is that it is slip-resistant. Meaning you can freely workout without any fear of slipping off the belt. Also, there are extra side treads to prevent the side metals from grinding off your feet.
  • Foldable Construction – Another iconic feature of this running machine is that it comes with a fast folding system. This system offers you an ample chance to easily fold the machine and store away until next use. This is perfect for users with limited space indoors. Also, you don’t need to carry it when moving from one end to the other. It comes with practical transport wheel that will enable you to just push the machine to wherever you deem fit.
  • LCD Display Unit – This is a feature that makes this treadmill the best entry-level machine you can have. It sports a clear blue backlight that functions as an interface between you and the console. With this in place, you can read various workout data such as speed, time, distance, calories or pulse.


  • Very easy to put together
  • Offers super value for money
  • Comes with solid construction and design
  • Great entry level treadmill
  • Easy to use and store


  • The width of the running belt seems a bit small
  • It has a fixed non-adjustable incline of 3%
  • Some users complained of the power cable

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Sportstech F10 treadmill is an entry level machine that is packed with lots of cool features. And if you are contemplating on owning a treadmill as a beginner, this one comes highly recommended. However, note that this is a beginner fitness machine, it may not be as powerful as the more advanced ones. Meaning it may not be ideal for an intense workout sessions. Nevertheless, this is a great product we feel can meet your basic indoor exercise routines.

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Sportstech F10 Rating


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  • 5 layered running surface
  • LCD display
  • Fast folding system
  • 12 preprogramed programs
  • User weight: 120 kg

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  1. Sportstech really is becoming the top treadmill brand to go for these days. So many brands have come and gone and people know to look for a thick steel frame and the normal gadgets and displays.

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