Sportstech F17

Sportstech F17 Easy-Folding Treadmill Review

Out of the thousands of treadmill out there on the market, the Sportstech F17 stands as one of the best. It doesn’t only come from a leading manufacturer, but also has some impressive features that make it a good machine worth investing in.

What’s the price?

If you are planning to have a workout experience that would keep your health fit enough, you might want to consider having this treadmill. But why is it worth the purchase? Could it be because it comes with a premium price tag? Well, there is a reason why this treadmill is priced above most units. Hang in there to learn more about the treadmill and why it is a good unit worth the purchase.

The F17 Overview

It is made of silicone, which is known to be strong and durable enough as it remains free of corrosion. Along with that, the treadmill features a powerful motor that is meant to offer you the needed workout experience. You can enjoy hundreds of workout videos on the Kinomap app that is compatible with this treadmill. The maintenance of the unit is also easy breezy.

Construction and Dimensions

As we have mentioned, this fella is made of a durable and extra strong silicone material that can support a heavy user without wobbling. It measures 144cm x 72cm x 124cm, which won’t consume much space as such. Regardless of that, this might not be the perfect pick for a confined apartment. Keep in mind that this is a folding treadmill that will save you space when you are not using it.

It measures 46kgs and can support a maximum user weight of 120kg, which isn’t bad.


Thanks to the 2.5hp motor on this treadmill, it can easily offer you an intense workout session to elevate your cardiovascular health. With this motor, you will enjoy top speeds of 12km/h with ease. Even better, the motor runs with less than 45dB, which is almost the sound of a refrigerator. This silent beast won’t make any noise as it runs.


It is normal to find a treadmill that comes with a console these days. However, some have advanced systems, like the Sportstech F17. Of course, it is not complicated, but you will enjoy working with it. This one comes with a minimalist and futuristic design console that is easy on the eye.

With the console, you can view workout stats as distance traveled, time, heart rate, current speed, calories burned, and more.

The deck doesn’t only feature the console, but a tablet holder for you to watch your training videos or favorite TV shows/music videos while working out. On the other side of the deck (backside), there are two Bluetooth speakers that will keep you entertained as you work out.

Above all, you can enjoy the two pre-installed workout programs that come with this treadmill. This way, you will enjoy a personalized workout session to the fullest.

Running Deck

The Sportstech F17 offers you a sizeable running surface for you to enjoy your workout session. Thanks to the 40cm by 110cm running deck, you won’t have to worry about knocking your knee to the frame. Another plus feature of the running deck is that it comes with a 5-layer cushioned belt. This helps to soften the food landing while reducing the hard impact on the knee and joints.

User Experience

You will have an easy time working with this unit as it folds easily and there are transport wheels for easy storage. The emergency stop key will come in handy in case you are in potential danger. Furthermore, the self-lubricating system gives you an easy time in terms of its maintenance.


  • Easy-folding design (we reviewed similar running machines here)
  • Powerful motor with low-noise operation
  • Compatible with KINOMAP and Sportstech Apps
  • Sizeable and well-cushioned running surface
  • Auto-lubrication system


  • It doesn’t come with an incline feature


So, is the Sportstech F17 a good unit worth purchasing? We’d like to think it is. The treadmill is made of a solid silicone frame that stays strong for a long time even being able to support a user weight of 120kg. Too many times, non-lubricated treadmills tend to get stuck and even develop annoying squeaks. But this one won’t require you to oil it or anything. That will be done automatically with the self-lubricating system.

It is fair to say that this treadmill is worth every penny.

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  • LED display
  • 2 pre-installed programs
  • MP3 function
  • Easy-folding system
  • Self-lubricating system

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