Sportstech F26 Treadmill Review: Get Your Body In Top Form

When it comes to our health, there should be no compromise, but we rarely have the time to go the gym to get some exercise. However, thanks to this treadmill that works even better than the equipment found at the gym, you can now take care of your precious health.

So, what makes Sportstech F26 treadmill so special, you ask? Well, here are a few pros and cons and you can decide for yourself.

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  • Powerful Engine – the engine is super powerful with the peak power clocked at 4 HP. The speed extends up to 16 km/hour efficiently. Copper cables help to ensure that the engine lasts for a long time.
  • Silent yet effective – with noise levels very much below the range of 75 DB, the treadmill, despite its powerful engine stays silent while you work out.
  • Strong and compact – not everyone can afford the space required to accommodate a huge treadmill. Thus, exercising seems like an option you can’t afford. But now, thanks to this incredible treadmill that can be folded to fit into tiny spaces, you can finish your workout and tuck it anywhere, even below your bed! Sportstech F26 weighs almost 120 kgs, but the option to fold it makes it seem like a lightweight device.
  • Gentle on the joints – it comes with a cushion system containing 6 zones. These 6 zones are not only gentle on the joints, but they reduce the shock to a great extent as well. The running surface is engineered with 5 layers to help absorb the shock while running.
  • Various training modes – with about 12 training programs, you can choose any among them to suit your style. The training programs are pre-programmed and are available on both tablets and smartphones. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, the training modes can be tweaked according to your preference. The training programs are amazingly effective, with options to reduce weight in different areas. We also reviewed the best weighted vests if you want to have a serious workout session.
  • MP3 Function – listening to music while working out not only soothes your nerves but also makes it a pleasant experience. With a powerful backlight and MP3 and AUX function, you can listen to the music of your choice through speakers made of the highest quality. Needless to say, the treadmill offers holders to accommodate your tablet and water bottles too!
  • Wireless – if there’s anything that irritates you during workouts, it’s the presence of a myriad of cables sprawled all over the machine. Not only is it distracting but much more dangerous than you can imagine. Sportstech’s treadmill comes with a wireless feature that eliminates the use of cables. Now, you can focus only on your workout rather than worrying about the wires. With no cables to limit your movement, you have the freedom to get your daily dose of exercise through a remote control system. The treadmill can be controlled effortlessly through the remote, thereby helping you to exercise at your convenience.
  • Innovative and efficient console – the console shows everything you need to know. Right from the number of calories burned to the speed, training values, pulse, distance and time, all the important information necessary is displayed. This helps you keep a track of your workout at all times.


There aren’t many disadvantages, to be honest. However, the only issue is that the treadmill is a little on the heavier side. Weighing almost 120 kilos, it can be a little difficult to set it up, but the folding option reduces difficulties to a great degree. Once it’s set up, the weight rarely becomes a problem.


At the end of the day, it’s amazing to work out as you would in the gym, right in the comfort of your home. Sportstech F26 is not meant only for beginners but suits professionals too. With several training modes and its user-friendly nature, you can customize the device according to your needs. It’s highly durable and lasts for several years even if you use it every day. Since it’s engineered in such a way that it tolerates heavy weights, you can now exercise without worrying about damaging the machine.

The inbuilt speakers and AUX function provide a fantastic experience to the user. It also calculates the rate of your heart beats to provide an accurate analysis. To put it simply, this Sportstech F26 is worth your every penny, considering that it serves you more than expected.

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  • 4 HP peak power,1,5 HP constant power
  • 5 inch display
  • 12 training programs
  • 6 zones cushion system
  • Running surface: 1200*425mm

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