Sportstech FX300

Sportstech FX300 Ultra Slim Folding Treadmill Review

Treadmills aren’t new to the fitness world. However, with the ever-changing demand for more function unrelated to workout e.g. space-saving design, manufacturers have made tremendous improvements to new machines. One of such treadmills equipped with these recent demands is the Sportstech FX300 treadmill. One of the best folding treadmill out there.

What’s the price?

In this article, we wouldn’t just focus on the features and exceptional qualities of this machine. We will also look at its shortcomings and how it compares with products from this manufacturer or other brands within its price range and intended purpose of use.

So, for a well-rounded piece of information on whether this treadmill is perfect for you, you’ll need to keep on reading. Trust me, it’ll be worth the time.

The FX300 Overview

Sportstech FX300 provides you with a convenient opportunity to stay fit and healthy even in your home. It comes with a unique, compact, space-saving design that lets you easily set up, collapse, and store after use even in tight spaces. Although its compact design, the device does not compromise its performance. Equipped with advanced functions like a fingerprint pulse sensor rather than the conventional handlebar grip, a powerful drive system as well as other cutting edge features, this machine isn’t the typical foldable treadmill you can get anywhere.

Some Unique Features Of This Treadmill

  • Excellent Drive System: Take it or leave it, your treadmill’s performance, speed, runtime, and overall lifespan is a function of its drive system.Don’t get us wrong, there may be excesses you don’t need for a home training equipment like so much torque or power. Yet, for top-notch performance, your machine’s overall drive system must be good. We can’t say more than the 2hp DC engine on this machine is simply the right power-drive for advanced workout and training performance.

This powerful motor allows the machine to run efficiently at speeds up to 16km/h and will do so very quietly (60dB).

  • Running Deck: Bad running deck- injuries, good running deck- perfect workout. Sportstech FX300 provides two ways to guarantee your safety while you exercise. First, it features an extra-wide running surface to give you all the space you need to run conveniently. It also comes with an innovative, 5-fold multi-layer cushioning system that prevents impacts to your joint.
  • Design: Yes, no Jules Verne goodness of design would be worth a devalued franc if the treadmill does not perform excellently. It does, so its design counts. First, the machine comes with a sleek, modern, and classic minimalist design. It features a fully collapsible mechanism that does not need assembly and can be easily moved with its transportation wheels. When folded, the treadmill assumes a height of 21cm, making it fit under a sofa.
  • Console: The console of this device isn’t anywhere less than its awesome design. Instead of a handlebar pulse checker, this machine lets you accurately measure your heartrate using a one-touch finger sensor. Yet, it still allows you to use the pulse strap. The FX300 supports connection to smartphones via the kinomap app and has a USB charging port.
  • Added Functions: this treadmill comes with nine pre-installed programs to meet different workout goals. It has a foldable tablet holder, cup holder, and transportation wheels for easy mobility.

Product specification

Dimension159.5 x 122 x 74.5 cm (L x H x W)
Machine’s Weight62.5kg
Maximum User Weight110kg
Motor Rating2hp
Training Programs9
Maximum Speed16km/h
Maximum Incline LevelNone
Kinomap App CompatibilityYes
Bluetooth CompatibilityYes
Built-in SpeakersYes
Transportation WheelsYes


Sportstech supports this product with a 2-year warranty for home use. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind after the purchase.


  • Easy folding system with no assembly required
  • Very quiet in operation
  • Wider running deck with advanced cushioning and anti-slip system.
  • Kinomap app compatibility
  • Sleek, portable ultra-slim design


  • No incline

Recommendation and Buying Option

If you’re looking for a compact treadmill to stay healthy and fit, the Sportstech FX300 seems like a good option you should consider. Its performance is top-notched and it wouldn’t mar the overall look of your home when stored. Yet, if you’re interested in more advanced workout routines, this machine may be a little tame. So, you should check out the other products we have reviewed.

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Sportstech FX300 Rating


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  • Easy Folding
  • Full Tracking
  • Touch Sensitive
  • Sure-footed
  • A solid base

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