AGM Vibration Power Plate

AGM Vibration Power Plate Review – Compact And Ultra-Thin

There are many vibration machines in the market for fitness, weight loss, and exercise; however, the AGM Vibration Power Plate stands out, with benefits, functions, and potentials that other products in its class are lacking.

With just 15 minutes short session, AGM exerciser, promises improved circulation, fitness, and tone, although this may be true with some of the vibration plates around, what makes this plate different from other is the fact that it’s an improved version of an older model.

What’s the price?

So, let’s explore what the designers put in place to ensure that this model is a better version of its predecessors.

Superb New Design

The first feature that strikes new users is the size. The machine is the smallest of its kind with the same measure of power. Its weight is minimal, at just 9.5kg and 53cm in length. It is an ideal machine for those who want intense experience, but don’t have the luxury of large space at home.

This model is smaller, but with enough space to mount on and off, it is very easy to use and the height just right for home use.

Easy to Use

The machine is designed to help users utilize it without stress, it comes with a clear pattern that helps you to place your feet in the correct position for each workout. For ease of use, AGM Vibration Power Plate comes with an exercise band and remote control that help in the overall workout.

The connectivity is also upgraded, in terms of the USB and Bluetooth, which means you can easily, plug in other devices when using it, or make a wireless connection through Bluetooth to stream music through the built-in speakers.

It means users have the option to use a more personalized playlist or stream podcast through the AGM trainer.  The trainer comes with a quiet motor, so there is no problem with hearing what you are playing.

What It Does

Although it ranks as the smallest vibration plates in the market, with this exerciser you can lose weight very fast, the truth is, whole-body vibration helps fat burning, increase and improve the tone of muscles, tightens skin, and strengthens the entire body.

However, it is recommended that you should exercise 15 minutes daily to see the result and will be glad to see its effect on your shape, circulation, and general body fitness.

Good Addition to Home Gym

If you are searching for a vibration plate, portable enough to fit into a small home gym, AGM Vibration Plate should be the number to consider. It’s ideal for sports training, reduction of cellulite, weight loss, improved circulation, stress levels reduction, it improves health conditions, and good for those who are interested in building muscles.

It’s an all-round vibration plate that serves many purposes just to make fit and improve your health and it will not occupy much space in your gym, even without a gym, it is a good addition to homes with limited spaces.

Although it’s small, it comes with LCD monitor, USB connection and supports Bluetooth, it can also, supports weight up to 150kg, which means, there is no need to fear if your weight is over 100kg, but not above 150kg.


  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • An improved system that supports music
  • Different kinds of workouts are possible
  • It is quiet
  • Can resist weight up to 150kg
  • LCD monitor
  • Easy to use
  • Good for whole body workout


  • May be difficult for new users
  • The instruction manual is not easy to follow by new users

Regardless of the issue with the instruction manual, AGM Vibration Plate is an ideal vibration plate design for whole body workout, equipped with a powerful motor, low noise, and rugged enough to handle weights up to 150kg.

AGM Power Plate is an all-round machine that eliminates boredom by offering options to stream music from mp3, mp4, your laptop, and other devices as your work out. That means, while you are working out, you have the luxury of listening to your favorite songs.

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  • LCD Intelligence Monitor
  • USB connect
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Compact and Ultra-thin
  • Weight: 9.5kg

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