Atmonas Oversized Vibration Plate

Atmonas Oversized Vibration Plate Review

Using a vibration plate is an effective, less-energy demanding way to relax your muscles or get that body shape you always wanted. By sending frequencies of various amounts through your body, these devices can help the circulation of blood around your body and melt those excess fats. Sounds exciting, right? Now let’s take a close look at the Atmonas Oversized Vibration Plate.

What’s the price?

Our focus? The machine’s overall performance in carrying out those benefits stated above. We will also check on the device’s unique features and functions over competitive products within its price range. Yes, we don’t want you to buy any product with lesser abilities than its competitors- only the best. We will also examine the limitations of this vibration plate, be it design flaws from its construction or other possible cons.

Our advice for now – sit back, read, and only make your purchase decision after reading the review. Don’t forget to check our guide too: Best Vibration Plate.

Product Overview

Atmonas Vibration Plate offers you a unique way to tone your abs, butt, thigh, calves, or other body parts with the distinctiveness of focusing more areas of your body while incorporating a wide variety of home workout programs. As the name implies, this machine allows for more user weigh- almost as much as twice available on competitive products. Still, it incorporates even more functions and features that ensure your workout’s effectiveness and an exciting user-experience.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Powerful Drive System: You may be thinking – what drive system, Vibration plates don’t move? You’re quite correct; vibration plates don’t move, but they use similar internal components to the treadmill for their operation- chiefly motors. This Atmonas vibration machine comes with a powerful but silent motor that provides those strong vibrations required to melt your body fat and improve collagen production. In 10 minutes of use, the supplied 4D oscillation-type vibration from this machine gets you similar results as 1hour of jogging. In fact, there are three modes of vibration on this device for more adaptations to your fitness goal or exercise region- Linear, Lateral, and Pulse vibrations.
  • Robust Training Programs: There are five pre-programmed training programs on this device you could select to meet your workout goals. Alternatively, if you have a training program, you can choose to manually adjust the speed from 1 to 199-speed settings available on the machine. So, if your goal is to reduce stress, improve circulation, or even more intense, like develop stronger bones or gain mobility and flexibility, this machine will certainly get you there.
  • Design: As with other top-quality vibration plates, this one features the odourless, sturdy, and non-toxic ABS shell construction. However, it comes with a comfortable Shiatsu mat surface design and piano paint for durability that is missing in many competitive products within its price range.

There are four non-slip suckers under the unit for more power and stability as you use the machine. This construct makes it suitable for full-body exercise like squats, lunge, bicep curls. Triceps Dips. Push-up, or other exercise types.

  • Console: The Atmonas plate comes with a touch-screen panel that displays time and speed. The console also allows you to switch the training conditions easily. Alternatively, you can adjust all parameters from the easy-to-use remote control.
  • Additional Functions: As you would expect, the device supports Bluetooth connectivity and comes with audio speakers that let you play songs from any smart device and improve your training conditions. Supplied with the machine are four resistance bands and two Loop bands for arms and upper body workout.

Product specification

Dimension76.2 x 44 x 14cm (L x W x H)
Machine’s weight12kg
Maximum user weight160kg
Vibration Type4D-Oscillation
Training programs5
Variable Speed Range1-199
DisplayTouch Panel with LCD monitor
Remote controlYes
Bluetooth compatibilityYes
Built-in speakersYes


  • It supports more user-weight
  • More speed options
  • Improved 4d vibration type
  • Wider plate with Shiatsu mat surface design for grip and durability
  • Comes with extra accessories


  • You can accidentally adjust the training parameters from the touch panel

Recommendation and Purchase Option

All in all, we can easily say that the Atmonas Oversized vibration plate is an excellent device that gets the job done efficiently while providing you with high-end features and functions. So, it gets our full recommendation for purchase.

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