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Bigzzia Vibration Platform with Rope Skipping Review

What is the easiest way to burn calories, tone muscles, get a massage, and reduce muscle tension? Easy! I’d say a vibration plate- no stress or hassle- you only have to stand on the machine. Yet, finding the right machine best suited for you isn’t as easy as answering that question considering the plethora of vibration plates now available. Well, let’s divide and conquer. Here, we will review the Bigzzia Vibration Platform.

What’s the price?

Bigizzia is a renowned brand for furniture. So, how good is its vibration plate be? That, you’ll find out. You’re also going to get precise details on its features and functions, limitations, and more to enable you make accurate decisions on if it’s a great deal for you and buy it or if it does not tick the boxes.

Product Overview

At a glance, Bigzzia Vibration Platform looks a lot like other top-quality vibration plates- sleek, funky, and modern. The looks aren’t as important as the performance, right? Equipped on this fitness machine are fairly powerful functions and features that provide effective and positive actions on your muscles and deep tensions. This device isn’t high-end, and as expected, it doesn’t have those options available on pricier brands- at least, not to the same extent, amount, or ability. Still, it gets the job within its capacity done very effectively.

Some Unique Features of This Product

  • Excellent Vibration: Vibration plates are only as good as their vibrations – that simple. This Bigzzia device boasts of delivering oscillation type vibration your muscles require. The best part? These vibrations are sent in safe levels to your deep tensions for optimum relaxation and muscular effects.
  • Fitness Programs: Whether you’re looking to shake your entire body, help your blood circulation, or get a firmer, sexy new look, this machine can help you with any. With its integrated 99 levels of intensity and its five preprogrammed fitness program, you’re sure to get those goals even quicker. The five training programs allow you to experience different workout intensities suitable for both beginners and elite athletes.

You could also choose to use any of its two included resistance bands to workout your arm or upper body.

  • Design: Our focus here isn’t more on the aesthetics- although it is sleek, but on its construct. Bigzzia vibration plate comes in 100% ABS material, purity rubber, and a solid base to guarantee extreme machine stability. This construct also allows the device to stay odourless, non-toxic, and more environmentally friendly.

Also, high-quality construction with extreme stability lets the device support persons up to 120kg in weight.

  • Console: While using a vibration plate, parameters like heartrate, calories burnt, etc., commonly associated with fitness equipment, are unnecessary. So, this machine features a space-saving LCD monitor that displays time and intensity levels. Thus, allowing you to track your exercise in real-time. Included is a remote control that lets you easily adjust the workout settings.
  • Additional Functions: Yes, you shouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes on any vibration platform. But who said those minutes should be boring? This device comes with Bluetooth functionality and built-in speakers that let you connect your smart device and play your favourite songs to make the training environment more fun or motivate yourself.

There are also strong suction cups under the unit and an anti-slip surface board that both guarantee more power, stability, and safety by keeping the machine and deice in place at all times.

Product specification

Dimension76.6 x 44.6 x 21.2cm (L x W x H)
Machine’s weight12.34kg
Maximum user weight120kg
Vibration TypeOscillation
Training programs5
Variable Speed Range1-99
Remote controlYes
Bluetooth compatibilityYes
Built-in speakersYes


  • Ideal for a whole-body relaxation
  • ABS shell provides stability and durability
  • Non-toxic odourless and non-slip surface
  • 1-99 variable speeds
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy construction


  • The machine may come without the bands

Recommendation and Purchase Option

You may think the Bigzzia Vibration Platform should come with shoddy construction and very tame features and functions with its reasonably low price. However, those assumptions are inaccurate. This machine comes with excellent, superior-grade construction, and it will last for a long time. The device may be a little short in speed range and available vibration frequency, but it is certainly a great deal for its price. More so, the machine may come without bands, but you’re sure to get them or monetary compensation.

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  • LED
  • Max User Weight: 265 lbs

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