Bluefin Fitness Dual Motor 3D Power Vibration Plate

Bluefin Fitness Dual Motor 3D Power Vibration Plate Review

If you are a fan of calisthenics exercises, and you want to take your workout session to another level, we’d suggest that you go for a vibration plate. With a vibration plate, you will be getting most of your regular pushups and squats. Specifically, you might want to consider the Bluefin Fitness 3D Vibration Plate. And no, it’s not only because it comes from a top workout machine brand. Rather, this would be a good addition to your arsenal as you pursue your fitness journey. (Other best models reviewed here.)

What’s the price?

About the Product

This Bluefin Fitness Dual Motor Vibration Plate is made with a compact construction and excellent portability. You can take it with you at work or even use it in the bedroom. The best part is that it easily fits under the bed or your office desk. There are some programs onboard that help to make your workout session more interesting. Even though it is a vibration plate, this one has been designed to run smoothly and with low-noise. Above all, this vibration plate is not too heavy hence easy to carry around. We consider it a good budget vibration plate too.

Size and Build

It is always important to consider how the fitness machine is built to see if it meets your workout demands. If you intend to use the machine daily, you will need to ensure that it is built to take a beating. With this vibration plate, it comes with solid steel construction, which is a plus feature.

This fella only measures 45cm x 77.5cm x 15cm, which will not even need you to create space for it. The plate will literally in any space to give you a decent workout session. Besides that, this unit weighs only 19kg. You won’t require help to carry this one. Even with that weight, the plate can easily support a maximum user weight of 150kg.


Being a vibration plate, this unit derives its power from a motor. But you don’t just get one, but two motors on the plate to help you make the most of your training session. The dual 500W motors are made to offer a full 3D vibration and oscillation. With this, you can be sure of achieving the ultimate workout.

Furthermore, the motor offers linear and horizontal vibration for a sure workout experience. The best part is that the motors are designed to run silently while delivering maximum power.


Of course, this machine is meant to let you have an intense workout that can be easily tracked. Thanks to the console of the Bluefin Fitness 3D Vibration Platform, you will check how you did in every session. Through the LCD screen on this machine, you can track your intensity level and time as you work out. We loved the fact that all this is easily controlled using a remote control. The remote control lets you change the vibration speed and workout program.

Workout Programs/Speed

This vibration plate has been designed for any user out there. It will serve both professionals and amateurs. In other words, there are 5 automatic workout programs that you can choose according to your fitness goals. Even better, there are 180 levels of intensity that you can set based on your experience. If you are an elite athlete, you can set it to the highest level.

Keep in mind that the automatic programs are of 10 minutes that range in the type of vibration and intensity. If you don’t know the right intensity and vibration speed, the programs are meant to help you with that.

Workout Experience

Your comfort and safety are assured when you are working with this vibration plate. It comes with a non-slip surface that is large enough to accommodate both feet. Besides that, the vibration plate features suction cups on the bottom side, which are meant to hold it firm and offer you more stability.


  • Solid and compact construction
  • Supports up to 150kg maximum user weight
  • Features suction cups for stability
  • It comes with resistance bands for working on your arms and shoulders
  • Bluetooth connectivity with speakers onboard


  • The resistance bands are not that strong


The Bluefin Fitness 3D is the ideal fitness machine you need to go for. It won’t take much of your money, but you will be sure of having a workout experience of a lifetime with this unit.

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  • 3d Oscillation
  • Integrated Bluetooth Speaker
  • Remote Control
  • LCD Display
  • 180 Levels

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