Do Vibration Plates Work

Do Vibration Plates Really Work? Effective Enough?

If you are devoted to workouts and fitness machines, you must be knowing about the vibration plates. These are among the top machines you can use for home-based workouts or even at work. Above all, they are the best selection if you want a piece of workout equipment for a quick exercise. With only 10 minutes on the plate, you can be confident of enjoying a worthwhile exercise.

But how well do you know a vibration plate? Maybe you have heard about it or something. But what is a vibration plate, and do they truly work? That is what we will be discussing in this article.

What Is a Vibration Plate?

Also known as a power plate or a vibration machine, this is an equipment that sends high-speed vibrations throughout the body. The aim of this plate is to stimulate the muscles at a higher rate than the normal rate. Here, they will stimulate the muscles, which in turn, tone and strengthen them.

How Do They Work?

A vibration plate will send super-strong pulses all through the body. As a result, this will engage the superfast twitch fibers to work efficiently at a high rate. In this case, you will be using a lot of energy to stay on the plate. In other words, it will fool the mind that you are losing control and falling off the plate.

That is why the muscles will be engaged as they are stimulated at super-high speed. Here, you will be using the reflexes of your body to engage every muscle on your body. As a result, the plate will work your muscles while preventing you from running out of breath.

These vibration machines are not like workout bikes and weight lighting plates. Rather, they only stimulate your muscles at a high rate. This is why they are very much associated with weight loss and muscle toning.

To use the vibration plate, you will have to hold a stress position like squats. This way, you will get most out of the plate while the body works at adjusting to the changing oscillating speeds.

Do Vibration Plates Work?

The main aim of coming up with this article was to answer the question if these plates work or if it’s a hoax. In simple terms, they do work, but there is more into it.

Will The Plate Help With Weight Loss?

Back in the 50s, when the vibrating belts were popular, their brothers, the vibration plates were associated with weight loss. The association, in this case, has a lot of strings attached.

So, these plates work with innovative technology involving high-speed vibrations. In this case, your muscles will move at a very high speed while helping to burn the unwanted fat tissues.

If you use the plate properly, it can actually help you lose weight accordingly. However, you should not depend on the plates 100%, especially if you are overweight. These plates will not make you lose weight overnight. Neither will they make you lose a lot of weight within a few weeks.

When you commit to the 10 to a 20-minute workout on the plate, and you combine that with a balanced diet and other intense workouts, you can be sure of enjoying better results with the power plate.

The best part is that you can work out on the plate in different positions.

While other forms of exercise can help you lose even 10lbs of weight in a month, the power plates are not as effective as such. But still, you can end up losing weight when using the power plate accordingly.

A study was carried out with a group of people who used vibration plates over a period of six months. Another group of people didn’t use the plates, and results showed in the end that those who used the power plates lost about 11% of their body weight in the six months. Furthermore, they maintained a 10.5% loss after 12 more months. This is compared to around 7% weight loss that they recorded when maintaining a proper diet and convectional workouts without the power plates.

So clearly, power plates can be effective, but if you use them accordingly.

How Should You Use The Power Plate?

As we have mentioned, how you use the plate is what will determine if you will enjoy the benefits or not. If you want to lose weight, you will have to use the power plate as needed.

  • Be disciplined

First off, you must be disciplined enough when working with the plates. You don’t want to start working with them then go missing for three or four months. The best part is that you don’t have to use the plates every single day.

Rather, you can schedule 20 minutes in the morning on the vibration plate, four or five days a week. That is enough to give you the right fruits. When you set the workout dates, you have to follow them properly for you to get the results. Keep in mind that the results of using a power plate don’t show in less than a month. So yes, you have to be truly disciplined.

  • Drop the Junk Food

Being disciplined when using the vibration plate is one thing, but watching what you eat is another. You have to stay away from junk and fat-related foods. If you don’t keep a healthy diet, then all your workouts will be in vain. Find a good nutritionist to help you develop a healthy meal plan. You can also find plenty of diet guides on YouTube or use a mobile application to guide you.

All in all, make sure you eat healthy while using the power plate.

  • Use them properly

What does this mean? Well, it is important to use the exerciser frequently to get the results, but how do you use it? There are plenty of exercises that can help to deliver better results. Standing on the plate alone might not serve you well enough. That being said, some of the effective workouts to do on a power plate include squats, lunges, push-ups, plank, incline hip raise with the feet on the plate, leg raises, quad stretch, and heel raises.

So, will a vibration plate work for you?

Yes, it will, but only if you use it properly and maintain a healthy diet.

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