iDeer Life Vibration Power Plate Review: High Stability and Security

There are many ways to keep fit without paying exorbitant gym fees, one of those ways is by having a portable power plate. Conventional exercises can be very exerting and may not necessarily involve the whole body. With the use of a vibration power plate, your muscles will involuntarily contract and keep you relaxed. iDeer Life Vibration Power Plate is a very powerful and user-friendly exercise machine configured to help you workout your whole body.

Quick iDeer Life Vibration Plate Overview

iDeer Life Vibration Power Plate is a very powerful exercise machine with a powerful motor for in-house exercise. It will help you burn a lot of calories and build up muscle strength while you are doing other things like watching television or reading. This very portable machine is quite economic and helps in blood circulation and body metabolism. More so, this power plate is easy to operate, very stable and very adjustable.


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Furthermore, the machine is solidly built, odorless, non-toxic, portable, and compact enough to save space and carry about. It weighs 30.5 lbs with a dimension of 25.9” x 13.8” x 5.3” with a carrying capacity of 330 lbs. The kind of vibration offered by iDeer Life Vibration Power Plate is a triangular oscillation vibration with a speed range of 1 – 120 levels. Also featured are 10 auto operating programs, 3 exercise modes, and a power of 200W. Other features can be seen below:


  • Ease of Operation – This power plate is very easy to use and operate. It comes with a large LED display that clearly shows time, speed, and program modes.
  • High Stability and Security – This machine is very stable with two resistance bands for exercising the arms and upper body. It has a good weight of 30.5 lbs that keeps it very stable on the floor. This power plate is very secure, especially when you study the operating instructions and functions before you use it. It offers four anti-slip rubber foot pads to make sure your machine does not scratch on the floor while in use.
  • Compactness and Portability – iDeer Life Vibration Plate is also very small and easy to transport. It can be conveniently stored under a table or on a shelve without taking up too much space. More so, it does not take up extra space when in use as you can use it in your sitting room or office space. Despite its very compact outlook, it is very powerful, flexible, and has a functional handle.
  • Different Exercise Modes – This massager has different modes for exercising with speed levels ranging from 1 – 150 for work outs. With 10 auto operating programs and 3 exercise modes, this power plate is truly multifunctional. You can even include regular workout sessions like push-ups and yoga while performing our vibration exercise. It is also quite easy to switch modes and control the menu. It even comes with a remote control that will help you properly manage the menu and choose any exercise mode you fancy.
  • Safety – This vibration power plate is made with very high quality new ABS material and purity rubber. It emits no odor and has no toxic content. Also, the structure is very solid and produces very powerful vibrations.


  • Great for toning up
  • Very easy to use
  • Has different places to rest your feet on
  • Does not make noise
  • Very compact and portable


  • The stimulated part may get hot and uncomfortable at first
  • May make you quite dizzy initially

Final Thoughts

All you need to keep your blood circulating very well, while ensuring weight loss and improving work efficiency, is 10 to 15 minutes of workouts daily with iDeer Life Vibration Power Plate. This power plate is very quiet and will not disturb people around you, which makes it suitable for use in the office. When having a very stressful day, getting on this ultra-thin vibration power plate will help you shake off the stress and improve the quality of your life.

In addition, this machine will help increase the strength of your muscles, reduce cellulite levels and improve sports training. It has been known to help in losing weight and exercising effortlessly, especially for people who are too lazy or busy to engage in regular exercises. To massage your body efficiently and regularly, it is very important you get this vibration trainer.

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iDeer Life Vibration Plate Review


Our Rating



  • Ideal home gym equipment
  • Compact and Ultra-thin
  • High Stability and Security
  • Multifunctional
  • Super Quite

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