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JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer Review – Efficient Fat Burning

The daily stress can weigh you down and make you feel exhausted, tired, and stiff. As a result, you lack the energy to work out or perform strenuous exercises. Also, some conditions, such as sore and painful joints, can limit activities that one can do. As such, manufacturers have developed gym equipment that allows you to exercise with fewer complications relaxing your body while working out. One of this equipment is a vibration platform. This article reviews the JUFIT Vibration Plate explaining its key features, settings and functionality, pros and cons, and if it will enable you to obtain your fitness goals.

What’s the price?

The JUFIT machine will help you inbuilding and strengthening your muscles, cellulite reduction, reducing stress levels, enhanced blood circulation, weight loss, developing stronger bones, increased muscle flexibility, improved body balance, and sports training. Keep reading to find out what makes this vibration plate able to achieve the listed activities.

Settings and Functionality Of The Vibration Platform

Fast Speed Switching

The JUFIT vibration plate has an adjustable working speed that can be switched in second and stopped immediately. Different rates for different workout needs. Increase the speed gradually for excellent results. There is a preset program that you can choose from, and you can combine the vibration exercises with other workouts such as push-up, sit-up, and yoga. This combination enables you to perform total body workout for incredible results.

Large LCD screen

The screen helps you to monitor your progress allowing you to make changes to your workout plan in time. There is a remote control that will enable you to change speed and time and also switch the machine on or off comfortably.

Resistance Bands

The vibration platform is equipped with a resistance cord system that makes the workouts more intense for maximum benefits. The resistance bands add an extra challenge to your sessions, making it possible to work the upper body for toned arms and abs. There are massaging balls located on the handles that give you a sensation effect when you grip them for relaxation.

Extra Wide Plate

The vibration plate has extra-wide plate: 71.5L x 39W x 15.5H (cm) / 29L x 15.5W x 6H (inch) which is 25% more workout area than other oscillators. This offers three exercise modes to the user—when feet are apart, it is like running, in the middle like walking, and if you spread them a little wider, it is like jogging. This gives you a choice and also offers excellent stability.

Super Quiet

This JUFIT trainer is super quiet, making it easy to exercise at the office or home while watching your TV with minimum disturbance to your colleagues or family members.

Wide Range of Training

The JUFIT vibration plate allows you to perform whole-body workouts for better results. It is designed to keep all parts of your body toned. You can train your abs, buttocks, arms, thighs, and your calves. You can exercise at different postures: upright posture, seated posture, anda kneeling position. These postures allow you to work out various groups of muscles at once. You will burn calories, strengthen and tone muscles, increase blood circulation, and relax your body with minimum strain to your tendons and joints.

Key Features

  • Large LCD Screen
  • Remote control
  • Three exercise mode
  • Resistance bands
  • Rope buckle
  • Range of speed: 0-20 levels
  • Net weight: approx.14.8kg / 32.6lbs
  • Dimension: 71.5cm x 39cm x 15.5cm / 28.1 x 15.4 x 6.1inch
  • Max load: 150kg/330lbs


  • Wider surface for enhanced performance
  • Variety of workout routines for maximum benefits
  • Screen monitor to keep track of your progress


  • Can make you feel dizzy or nauseous with high frequency

Bottom line

With the great features that the JUFIT vibration plate has and the many benefits that you get when using it, it is excellent for home fitness training, body relaxation, and workouts. It is a well-packaged product with a steady andperfect design for reliable use. The many benefits make it worth the price and highly recommendable.

Exercising 10-20 minutes a day combined with a well-planned diet, you will get amazing results. Remember, you can be better, happier, and healthier. All you need is to develop healthy habits, adhere to exercise plans, eat a balanced diet, and invest in excellent gym equipment.

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  • Large LCD Screen
  • Three Exercise Modes
  • Oscillation Technology
  • The Silicone Base
  • Resistance Bands

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