ReaseJoy 500W Vibration Plate Review: Body Shaping Vibration Technology

A lot of things have been said about vibration plates. For some people, it is just a weight loss machine preferred by women. Vibration plates require training and in some cases, therapist-supervision. Using a vibration plate involves squatting, lunges, push-ups, abdominal crunches, and even calf raises. There are over 20 exercises that can be carried out on a vibration plate and do not require more than half an hour daily.

As the machine vibrates, energy is transmitted to the body which in turn causes the muscles to contract and then relax several times each second. This will make you feel exerted afterwards and lead to burning of fat, weight loss, and reduction of stress hormone cortisol. More so, beyond sports and fitness, vibration plate guarantees improved flexibility, and even rebuilds strength and balance in ageing people. The best vibration plate to meet these needs and more is the ReaseJoy 500W Vibration Plate. When used correctly, this machine can work wonders for your whole body. The benefits you get from this machine are enormous. 

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ReaseJoy 500W Vibration Plate Overview

ReaseJoy 500W is one of the lightest and slimmest vibration machines for your indoor workouts. It uses a single belt drive motor which ensures stability and even distribution of vibration. Also, this machine is powered by 500W and a voltage of between 220V and 250V/30Hz, to guarantee exceptionally high performance. Included with this vibration plate is a user manual, a power cord, a remote control, 2 resistance bands, and a hex key. Though very compact and light, this product has an amplitude of 1-12mm and can carry a maximum weight of 150 kgs. 68cm x 38cm x 14cm are the dimensions of this machine and it is approved by CE certificates.

This vibration plate has been known to play many roles which revolve around the general health and well-being of the user. Its helps in quickening recovery, reducing pain, lessening stress on joints, and improving bone mineral density. Additional functions include regulating production of hormone, increasing body metabolism, enhancing neuromuscular function and increasing range of motion. Engage your muscle fibers with this vibration technology. 


  • Single Belt Drive Motor – This fitness machine comes with a single belt drive motor that ensures that the machine stays very stable and flexible. More so, this motor is not noisy at all and evenly distributes vibration all over the user’s body.
  • Body Shaping Vibration Technology – ReaseJoy 500W Vibration Plate is uniquely designed to reduce excess fat and guarantee weight loss. In the comfort of your home or office, you can engage about 95% of your muscle fibers while working out. When this is done consistently, more fat will be burned each time. This will keep you light, active and fit.
  • Size – This beautiful machine is very compact and slim. It is easy to carry about and can fit into different storage spaces when not in use. With dimensions of 68 x 38 x 14cm, you can place this machine under a table, in a locker, or anywhere else so it will not get in the way.


  • It is very easy to put together
  • Helps to burn excess fat and calories
  • Great for relieve from joint pain
  • Solidly constructed
  • Very quiet, easy to use and store


  • The guide is not detailed enough for some users
  • The cord tends to get loose very quickly

Final Thoughts

Vibration plates do not all work in exactly the same way. Some have more to offer than others. However, the Rease Joy 500W Vibration Plate is the best of its kind. By simply standing, squatting or lunging, you can enjoy a lot of health benefits. People who do not have enough time to run to a gym for a work out, this machine is a great option. It is guaranteed to give you same results you get from traditional exercise methods in just a few minutes each day. In most cases, it offers far more than you can get from some exercises which concentrate on just some parts of the body.

In about 30 minutes, 95% of your muscles will be put to work without pain or awkward discomfort. More so, you can conveniently listen to music or watch television while using this beautiful exercise tool. As a high-tech gadget, you can hop on it whenever you feel like and use it very easily, after which you can store it neatly. This is one vibration plate every household should have.

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ReaseJoy 500W Rating


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  • 500W High Performance
  • Single Belt Drive Motor
  • 99 speed levels
  • Bodyshaping Vibration Technology
  • Max User Weight: 150 kg

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