Reviber Fusion Oscillating Vibration Plate

Reviber Fusion Oscillating Vibration Plate Review

Confidence is critical in everything that one does. The people involved in the manufacture of a product build their confidence. How much knowledge does the production team have of the product? This applies even in the fitness industry. You want to buy an item that is reliable to help you achieve your fitness goals, is durable, and also safe for use. The Reviber Fusion Oscillating vibration plate offers you this confidence as the product, accessories, and workoutsare designed by fitness professionals and sports scientists that understand the mechanism of fitness.

Today we review the Reviber fusion oscillating vibration plate to determine if the mechanism employed by the sports and fitness professionals helps you reap maximum fitness benefits. We discuss its functions, highlighting the key features, cons, and pros. Keep reading and get enlightened.

What’s the price?

Functions and Settings

The exerciser is compact, powerful, and portable, making it reliable, manageable, and perfect for indoor fitness. It has settings and features that set it apart for user’s easy and convenient use. It suits the needs of beginners and advanced users.

Design and Quality

The team at Reviber entirely designs the vibration plate. It is equipped with a 500W motor that is super quiet, making it suitable for home and office use. It has a solid steel base, unlike other vibration plates in this category. The design makes it compact, comfortable, and portable.

Workout DVD with Online Access

The Fusion Oscillating vibration plate is designed for whole-body vibration training, pilates, and gym-based workout. The fitness and sports professionals created it to give the best result using less effort. The vibration plate will enable you to exercise your legs, arms, back, and core, giving you full-body workout so you can achieve your fitness goals and objectives.

The DVD and online access videos are included to guide you through different exercise routines from your tablet, TV, or phone. So if you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry about what to do as the videos will guide you.

Two Sets of Cardio and Abs Resistance Bands

Cardio and abs resistance bands are included, and they are premium grade dipped latex to ensure they are flexible, reliable, and durable. They have sturdy clips that attach them to the unit. The length is adjustable to suits users of all heights. The abs bands help you work your core and arms muscles for strength and stability.

Remote Control with Lanyard

The remote ensures you can make changes to your workout with ease. It has a lanyard attached, keeping your hands free so you can engage them in your exercise with the resistance bands.

Workout Block

It is manufactured to offer comfort and aid exercise routines. It’s made from high-density foam that provides you support and comfort during press-ups. It also improves your technique for seated abdominal exercises by raising your pelvis and relaxing your hip flexors, allowing you to engage your abdominal muscles.

Key features

  • Oscillating vibration with 14 mm amplitude
  • 500W motor
  • User max weight: 200kgs
  • A steel base
  • Workout block
  • Two sets of premium resistance bands: cardio bands and abs bands
  • Remote control with lanyard
  • Workout DVD with online video access


  • Super quiet making it perfect for home and office use
  • The size is manageable for storage
  • Burn fat and tone muscles
  • A 5-year guarantee on all parts and labor
  • Perfect for people who suffer painful and sore joints


  • A bit intense for first-time users

So, Is The Reviber Vibration Plate Recommendable?

The Reviber fusion plate is designed to get you fitter, well-toned, and in good shape. Its compact design is reliable, has safety features, extra accessories to add intense to your workout, and programs that guide your fitness experience. The settings and features of this machine give you fitness benefits such as body fat reduction, enhanced blood circulation, muscle strength, and toning, body relaxation for pain relief, and stable core muscles, among others. Although it has a few cons, the benefits outweigh them. Whether a beginner or an advanced user, you will have an excellent experience. The machine is recommendable, and the 5-year guarantee on all parts and makes it worth each coin you spend.

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  • Cardio Resistance Bands
  • Abdominal Workout Bands
  • Remote Control Lanyard
  • Workout Block
  • Workout with Online Access

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