Roneyville Ultra Compact Thin Vibration Power Plate Review And Best Price

A workout is possible without the use of different machines. Vibration plate is often a small and portable machine that improves explosive power and balance which will result in dramatic workout changes. With this technology, every muscle in your body will be ignited and vibrate in a way that will produce long-lasting results. Irrespective of age, you can use this well-engineered machine to reactivate your body’s natural reflexive reaction to vibrations.

As a matter of fact, the high-speed workout guaranteed by a power plate cannot be overemphasized. You can enjoy a lot of health benefits by simply standing on one. More so, you can work out on this machine when you squat, plank, lunge, push-up, massage your calves and arms on a power plate. One of the best types of this wonder machine is the Roneyville Ultra Compact Vibration Plate. It is specially designed to be one of the smallest, lightest, compact and most powerful vibration machine. It is equipped with so many outstanding features that will help you achieve the best result in your health.

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Ultra Thin Overview

This pivotal body-shaping vibration technology has a voltage ranging from 220V to 250V and a power of 500W. With dimensions of 53cm x 32cm x 12cm and weight of 9kgs, this equipment is one of the lightest, slimmest, and smallest vibration power plate. Despite its light weight and compact size, it can carry a weight of up to 150 kgs and is equipped with 199 speed levels. More so, its amplitude ranges from 0-12mm and it utilizes a silent single belt drive motor assured to give more stability and equal distribution of vibration.

Some of the functions of this Roneyville trainer include flexibility improvement, increased metabolism, and improvement of motion range. Additional functions include burning of excess fat, hastening recovery and regulation of hormone production. This beautiful machine will engage up to 95% of your muscle fibres and reduce joint stress.


  • Operation – This very thin vibration plate is very user-friendly and easy to operate. The control panel or console is very touch sensitive and has a LED plus remote.
  • Drive Motor – One of the unique features of this power plate is the single belt drive motor. This drive motor is very silent and helps to increase stability when you are working out on it. It also ensures that vibration is equally distributed everywhere on the body. The peak power from this drive motor is 2500W, while it gives a high performance of 500W.
  • Neuromuscular Function – This function covers both the nerves and muscles. This trainer helps in easily transferring information from the nerves to the muscles. Basically, this machine enhances the neuromuscular function of the body with continuous work out.
  • Pivotal Body-shaping Vibration Technology – This technology helps in efficiently dissolving fat using simple exercises. It burns fat faster, increases metabolism, and ensures that your body is physically fit. Another function of this technology is to improve bone mineral density especially during regular workout. By engaging up to 95% of your muscle fibres, you will get much more out of a single workout than you will have from doing up to 10 exercises.
  • Low Stress on Joints – This Ultra Compact vibration machine also helps in reducing stress on joints and eliminates joint pain as well. People with joint issues can comfortably work out without incurring further injuries. Because of the different positions you can take while exercising, you can hasten recovery of ailing joints and reduce the pain.
  • USB Music Player – It is important to have music to go along with your workout sessions. This low-priced traner has a USB music player incorporated in it that is not affected by static and jamming. It can also utilize a Bluetooth function to connect from your mobile device. You can be motivated to exercise as long as you want when your favorite sound is coming out of the powerful speakers.

Pros And Cons Of Roneyville Trainer


  • Very low priced
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Comes with an exercise sheet
  • Very easy to use and store


  • The position of the power button makes it very easy to switch off accidentally
  • The display may not be very easy to understand

Final Thoughts

Ultra Compact vibration plate is a small machine that has a lot of benefits. It helps to increase muscle strength, enhance muscle building, increase bone mass and also increase mineral density. Furthermore, it increases flexibility as well as mobility, improves balance, enhance circulation of blood, and acts as a cellulite buster.

This ultra-thin vibration plate is approved by CE and comes with a 1-year warranty from the company. When you purchase this power plate, you get a power cord, a remote control, 2 resistance bands, a user manual, and a hex key. This much-loved and widely-accepted vibration power plate, designed for people aged 14-years and above, will make you physically fit from head to toe.

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Roneyville Vibration Plate Review


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  • 199 Speed levels
  • Bodyshaping vibration technology
  • 5 preset fat burning weight loss and toning programmes
  • USB music player incoporated within machine
  • Dimensions: 57.5x42x17.5cm

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