Benefits Of Vibration Plates

13 Great Benefits Of Vibration Plates. What Are They?

Vibration plates are some of the top-rated fitness equipment that can be used anywhere. Whether you are at the office, at home, or in the gym, you can easily use it for a decent work out session.

These workout equipment have proven to be very helpful, and we will be discussing some of their benefits in this article.

But before we explore their benefits, let us look at how these units work, shall we?

How Do They Work?

You can call it a vibration machine that sends erratic signals to your brain. As a result, this will fool the brain that the body is unstable and almost falling over. In turn, it will cause the body muscles to contract several times per second. This will be done to keep you stable and upright.

By the way, it is important to know that not every vibration plate will work similarly. Nevertheless, they all deliver the same results.

That being said, let explore the reasons for having one at home, workplace, or even at the gym.

So, What Are The Benefits?

  • It Tones The Muscles

One major function or benefit of the vibration machine is muscle toning. These machines will come with different vibration rates of around 30 to 50 per second. In this case, your muscles will contract along with the vibration speeds. It will be like you are working out.

However, you should not confuse or relate it to standing on a machine to weight training. But still, the vibration waves are enough to help tone your muscles gradually. It makes it even more effective if you are working out on the plate.

For example, if you do a plank, push-ups, or squats on the plate, it will offer you better results than when you are doing it on plain ground/surface.

  • Enhanced Metabolic Rate 

When your body mass increases, there will be an increase in the metabolic rate. This will then help to counteract any negative effects of weight loss plateaus. If you are on a diet or at bed rest, the brain will turn on its survival mode. As a result, this will make your body conserve resources. The more resources are stored, the more fat will be stored in the body. Furthermore, this will cut down the metabolic rate and make you less energetic.

But when the metabolic rate is increased, this will, in turn, increase the energy levels. Even when you are resting, the energy levels will be high, which then assures you of a healthy metabolism.

  • Promotes Fat Loss

Here is yet another top benefit of a vibration machine. Researchers have shown that you can lose weight if you workout or stand  on it. When the vibration waves are sent throughout the body, it can promote the reduction of fat deposits in the midriff section. Also, this can help to activate the liver in the process.

When the liver is active, it can promote the rate of burning the fat cells rather than converting them into glucose. This is a study that was carried out by scientists. So yes, you can depend on the vibration to help promote the rate of burning fat in the body.

  • Promotes Weight Loss

If you combine the muscle toning and the increased fat burning rate, you can be confident of experiencing weight loss in the long run.

As you run through the fat deposits, there will be an increased chance of losing weight. Why is this possible? Basically, it is because there is an increase in the muscle mass, which in turn burns more calories whenever you are at rest that your adipose tissue.

Nevertheless, you should not highly depend on the vibration plate if you are a plus size. Being overweight can be tricky to keep fit if you only depend on the plates. This is because these exercisers don’t promote a high-fat burning rate as compared to weight lifting and other intense workouts.

The best way to lose weight when using these machines is to supplement it with some intense workout, weight lifting, and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

  • It Reduces Stress Levels

How does it reduce the stress levels? Well, this doesn’t work directly. It starts with a good metabolic rate. If you combine it with good hormone production, you will be sure of reduced cortisol levels. For the record, cortisol is the stress hormone that will make you be anxious, angry, agitated, or stressed.

When the cortisol levels are cut down, you will feel less stressed and happier.

  • Better Sleep

Clearly, proper workout and a good diet are some of the things that promote healthy sleep. But, there is more into that. You see, there is a connection between cortisol levels and sleep. When the cortisol levels are too high above the normal level, you will also experience insomnia. Furthermore, your body and brain will have difficulty in achieving REM sleep.

REM sleep is a stage of sleep that allows the body and mind to be more relaxed and rested. So yes, using this exerciser can help to enhance your sleep.

  • Easy To Use

What’s easier to use than a vibration machine? Out of all the fitness machines out there, vibration plates qualifies among the ones that are the easiest to use. Using this machine is very easy and straightforward. All you have to do is remove it from its packaging, set it on a flat surface, and mount it accordingly.

Most of them only require you to step up on it and select the vibration level as you need. The plates come ready to use without any need for assembly.

  • Safe To Use For Everyone

Weight lifting equipment, treadmills, exercise bikes, and other fitness machines are somewhat complex and need proper supervision when a child or a senior is working with them. Even if you are using a weight lifting machine on your own, you might end up accidentally hurting yourself.

But a vibration plate is one of the safest to work with. There are limited to no injuries when working with them.

  • They Are Affordable

If you wanted to purchase fitness equipment and you are afraid of the skyrocketing prices, you might want to give the vibration machines a shot. These units are very easy to use, have a lot of benefits, and they also come at super-friendly prices.

  • They Are Compact And Highly Portable

We mentioned earlier in this article that you can use these plates at home, workplace, or the gym. What we didn’t state is that these exercisers come at small sizes. They are very compact that you can easily fit them under the table when you are working at the office. This also means that you can carry it in the car to use it when you are camping out or if you are on vacation.

It is not easy to find fitness equipment that is as portable as such.

  • They Enhance The Density Of The Bone

The machines are also known to enhance bone density. A study was carried to show the effect and importance of vibration machines on the bone mineral density. It was found that people who used them every week recorded a slight increase in their hip bone density. Furthermore, it can help to increase the overall muscle strength.

The best part is that you will only need 30 minutes on the plate around three times a week.

  • Better Balance And Flexibility

They can also help to enhance your balance since it allows your brain to think you are falling. As a result, it engages the body to try hard and keep you on the plate. The midriff and lower-back muscles will contract to offer you more balance on the plate.

Furthermore, this will offer you enhance core strength leads to a better balance and enhanced flexibility day after day. Above all, this will offer you a better posture in general. When you have a better posture, you will experience limited back pain. Also, it helps to relieve any existing chronic pain in the body.

  • It Enhances Blood Circulation

If you know a thing or two about working out and staying active, you know that they help to enhance the overall circulation of the blood in the body. They can help to promote the blood circulation in the body since they activate the blood flow as they vibrate.

Don’t forget that poor circulation in the body leads to multiple conditions in the body. This includes cold hands and feet, or even edema and cramps. The high vibration levels help to enhance the lymphatic flow that will drain fluid from the major problem areas. This will then boost the circulation of blood all around the body as needed.


So, now, when you know the benefits, you have enough reasons to purchase a vibration plate for your workout purposes. They are cheap, easy to use, and generally boost your overall health. Remember that for healthy and proper loss weight, you should supplement the vibration machine with some intense workout and a healthy diet.

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