High Street TV Wonder Core Rock N Fit

High Street TV Wonder Core Rock N Fit Vibration Plate Review

The Wonder Core Rock N Fit Vibration Plate is undoubtedly a fabulous workout tool for all fitness enthusiasts. The vibration plate is exceptionally comfortable for those who find conventional exercises wearisome. Besides conserving a lot of your precious time, it also makes exercise more fun within your home’s comfort by bringing a change to the presumption about the usual hard workouts.

What’s the price?

It is a whole-body vibration machine that produces over 1100 vibrations per minute and gives impressive results quickly. The easy to operate Rock N Fit workout plate has significantly reviewed, especially from older people for its comfort level and its advantages without doing heavy exercises. It allows you to exercise in any position by sitting, standing, or even by lying.

The Wonder Core gives a full-body workout experience to get you in perfect shape regardless of age group. Besides helping you in fat loss, the full-body vibration would burn calories, aid in muscle contraction, activate blood flow, and tone the body perfectly.

Product Summary

The simple exercising machine beholds a perfect design to store and function anywhere at your home conveniently. It is easy to operate as it comes with both built-in LED panel and remote control with 2x AAA batteries’ power. The vibration can control any time during the workout with its 20-speed settings.

The Wonder Core Rock N Fit is available in green and white. For the robust strength and durability, the workout plate manufactured by using a combination of steel-PVC-ABS-TPEand comes witha 1.75cm power cord.

It has a dimension of 61.5cm(W) x 37cm (L) x 13.8cm (H), which is enough to hold a person up to 150kg in standing or sitting position. It also comes along with a padded exercise seat with a dimension of 57cm (W) x 32cm (L) x 13.8cm (H).The vibration plate can make 1,100 oscillations and vibrations per minute, thanks to the powerful 200W motor.

It is a slim portable machine weighing only 12.4kg and consumes less storage space. The unisex workout plate with its rubber surface and suction cup feet holders helps you to avoid any possible slippage during the workout.

The manufacturer also provides 4x bonus workout videos and a user’s manualfor reaping the best fitness results. It also features a dismantlable padded seat by which users canuse to get the best outcome for strengthening core portions such as the upper, mid, and low abs.

As a complimentarygift, users will get one pair of resistance bands worth $39.00 free of cost along with the vibrator. It can attach with the machine to provide enough resistance. You can stretch the band up to 185cm maximum, and it is beneficial to tone your upper body and lower body.

Highlighted Features of Wonder Core Vibration Platform

Built-in Control Panel

The Wonder Core plate comes with a built-in LED control panel allowing you to select the workout options as per the requirement with the soft-touch control options. 

3D Elliptical Movement

One of the machine’s unique features is the powerful 200W motor that can produce 1,100 elliptical revolutions per minute, resulting in high vibration. It can create more than 2 inches of oscillation per side movement. The ripples of the vibration transmit on the whole body without being moved. It targets the entire core of your body.

The vibration workout plate produces 30 to 50 vibrations per second, helps to tone the muscle, burns calories, increases body flexibility, improves bone density, and benefits in reducing the stress level.

Speed and Timer Settings

The vibrator’s speed and duration of the workout can personalize as per your requirements. It has a 20-speed level setting by which you can increase or decrease the vibrations, thereby managing the workout’s intensity into moderate or heavy and could set the time limit. You can optionally select the manual mode for speed selection and also use any of the five pre-set calorie-burning programs as per the requirement.

Rubber Surface and Suction Cup

The vibration plate comes with suction cups for a firm holding, which will hold your feet during the workout and resist any possible slippage. The comfortably designed rubber surface gives proper balance during the exercise.

3 Intensity Levels

It is another fabulous feature that makes the Wonder Core vibration plate a fantastic fitness tool. For changing the intensity level, you don’t have to step out from the platform or do any maneuvering in the control panel, instead simply changing your feet position to center, middle or wider, you can get low, medium or maximum intensity options. The intensity mode can help you to activate muscles, increase heart rates, burn calories, etc.

Padded seat

Another highlighted feature of the vibrator plate is the dismantlable padded seat provided with the unit. By sitting on the seat in the right posture as instructed in the exercise manual, it can work on the core and tone up the body. It is a unique feature, making it a perfect vibrating machine than any of the counterparts.

Pros and Cons


  • Built-in LED control panel
  • 5 pre-set calories burning programs
  • 20-speed setting
  • Elliptical movement
  • 3 intensity levels
  • Padded seat
  • 2x Resistance bands
  • Remote control
  • Exercise guide
  • 4x Bonus workout videos


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Not suitable for advance level workouts

Authors Remark

Rock N Fit vibration plate is a perfect one-time investment compared to any of its class’s contemporary workout plates. It is easily controllable using the remote, and there is also a speed adjustable selector.The unit can use in stand-up and sit position.

Anyone who is longing for soothing the aching limbs after a tiring day could better use the workout machine. The vibrations help you get perfect body toning results right after a month of use. It is highly recommended for those with back pain, foot aches, etc.

Even though some may turn it down as expensive, it is indeed a long-time investment and recommends buying a high-quality vibrating machine as it lasts long. There is no need for further upgrades or additional tools compared to other workout machines. The versatility of the device also proves to be worthy, and it comes with a one-year warranty.


Wonder Core Rock N Fit is a perfect choice for a fit and healthy body. It only requires a month to show the benefits of vibration without doing any heavy workouts. You only need to spare three times for ten minutes each in a day.

It is scientifically proven to be highly effective compared to the traditional exercises for strengthening and toning your body. You could be able to get great looking abs within a month.

Exercising with the vibrator plate cures joint pains and strengthening the core muscles with less effort. The low-impact activities and the highly balanced feature, make it favorite to anyone irrespective of age.

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Rock N Fit Rating


Our Rating



  • Effective workout
  • 20 speed settings
  • 5 pre-set programmes
  • Manual Mode
  • Remote control

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  1. This high end product has had such a positive effect on my life….. I am an older person with joint problems. My convenient plate has given me complete body work out much improving my mobility. Highly recommended.
    Thank you

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