Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews: Get A Reliable And High-Quality Machine

Isn’t it beneficial to have a good fitness machine at your disposal? It sure is, and that is why a lot of people sign up for gym subscriptions to have access to the available workout machines.

One of the amazing fitness equipment available out there is an elliptical cross trainer. Elliptical cross trainers are among the fitness machines that can be home-based. Even though cross trainers might have multiple benefits, you still need to get a reliable and high-quality machine. Ensure that you go through the customer reviews before purchasing a specific elliptical cross trainer.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainers To Buy In UK Reviewed Below

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So really, do you need one of these machines? Yes, you do, and here are reasons for getting one;

Benefit #1: It Triggers Weight Loss

Seriously, what is the main reason you would start going to the gym or purchase a workout equipment? It is mostly to lose weight and stay fit, right? Of course, it is. Luckily, the elliptical cross trainer will be your loyal friend to help you achieve your goal.

This machine can accelerate the weight loss process by helping you burn more calories in a single workout session. A one-hour low-intensity workout on the cross trainer can help you burn up to 450kcal, while a medium intensity workout session can burn up to 650kcal. If you are on a one-hour high-intensity workout on the cross trainer, you can burn up to 830kcal.

So yes, this machine is good at promoting weight loss.

Benefits #2: It Promotes Core Strength

If you are not into resistance training, or you need a gentle, yet effective start, a cross trainer is the way to go. These machines can help to strengthen your muscles and enhance all round strength. Since you will have to engage your body to work hard, it will, in turn, help you gain core strength. As a result, you will have a better posture as you continue with your stay-fit journey.

Benefit #3: Full-Body Workout

While most of the fitness equipment out there are meant to target specific areas [or parts] of the body, a cross trainer is unbiased and will help you work the whole body. They come with handles that let you work on the arms, upper body, shoulders and chest, while the pedals allow you to work on your feet, lower body and glutes.

Benefit #4: Protects Your Joints (and Muscles)

Another incredible benefit of a cross trainer is that it protects your joints, as well as your muscles. There is no any hard impact on your joints, and you will not strain your muscles and joints as you try to move the handles or the pedals. If you compare it to a treadmill, the cross trainer is gentler on your joints since you will not go through high impact workouts. For those with a joint problem, using a cross trainer should be the better option. They are also known to promote muscle recovery.

Benefit #5: It is Good for The Heart

Most of the workout equipment out there might not be as safe as such to the heart. If you increase the intensity and resistance, your heart rate might go higher than the normal rate. This can even lead to a sudden heart attack. But with cross trainers, they come with heart rate sensors on the hands, which let you monitor your heart rate and stop when it gets above the normal rate.