Treadmill Reviews

PremierFit T330 - Motorised Electric Treadmill Review
If you want to keep yourself fit and active at home, you must consider buying a good quality treadmill. An advanced and top-notch treadmill will make it easier for you to cope up with your daily fitness routine. A treadmill offers the best way to… Read more.

Bodyfit Motorised Electric Treadmill Folding Running Machine Review
Nothing is better than working out at the comfort of your home. Buying a good quality treadmill can be very helpful as it offers the best way to workout. A treadmill boosts stamina and improves the cardiovascular health to keep you fit and healthy.… Read more.

V-fit Fit-Start Motorised Folding Treadmill Review
Losing that extra weight and maintaining a healthy body has never been easy. Many professionals have spent sleepless nights trying to work out the puzzle of maintaining a healthy body and the treadmill has proved to be a reliable option. Treadmills… Read more.

PrestigeSports XMPRO Dynamic Treadmill - 2018 Model Review
Treadmill is the most commonly used fitness equipment amongst all age groups and the best part is we can use treadmill at our own convenience when we have one at home! XMPRO Dynamic Treadmill  2018 Model is a motorized treadmill with all the… Read more.

Finether Running Machines: Electric Motorized Treadmill Review
We understand that outdoors exercising can be a hassle. Besides the ever-changing weather, you have to deal with judging eyes, pets that get in the way and little children that run all over the place. Going to the gym for and working on a treadmill… Read more.

JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill Review
If you’re a fitness geek, you must be looking for something to help you workout in the comfort of your home. A good quality and affordable treadmill is all that you need to carry on your home-fitness regime. A treadmill will allow you to workout in… Read more.

Confidence Power Trac Pro 735W Treadmill Review
Having a durable and premium quality treadmill can benefit you in many ways. A good treadmill will help you workout effectively so that you burn more calories in less time. For those people who have a busy routine and don’t get much time to pay a… Read more.

Prestige Sports XM-PROIII Treadmill Review
Prestige Sports XM-PROIII: The 2018, Innovative Budget Home Treadmill How well do you know the XM-PROIII Treadmill 2018 Model? Other than being an upgrade of the 2017 model, this treadmill has been considered the “Number 1 professional Home… Read more.

PremierFit T100 Treadmill Review
The Feature-Rich and Affordable PremierFit T100 Treadmill Don’t you just hate it when you are unable to do your daily runs outside because the weather is not favourable? It is never a beautiful experience. Luckily, there are treadmills, which … Read more.