XS Sports CT700 Cross Trainer

XS Sports CT700 Magnetic Deluxe Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Home-based workout machines come in various types and cross trainers are among the top units. If you are thinking of getting a cross trainer for working out at home, the XS Sports CT700 is one you should consider. We will be reviewing the machine to help you get a deeper knowledge of it. Let’s get on with it.

What’s the price?

Product Overview

The XS Sports CT700 is one cross-trainer that comes with a sturdy design. The machine is designed to offer you a reliable workout session while embracing advanced technology. It is not too big, which means that it can easily fit into a small apartment. Equipped with an adjustable stride length, you can be sure of enjoying a personalized workout session on this baby.

The makers of this cross trainer had the user’s safety when making it. That is why you should be confident when using it. To help you understand it further, here is a look at the features and functions of the cross-trainer.

  • Size and Build

The sturdiness of this training master is proven. It comes with a high-quality steel frame and chip-resistant paint. In other words, you wouldn’t have to worry about the cross trainer having some scratches or chips as you use it. This also prevents it from any rust or corrosion.

The CT700 comes in a decently compact size to fit in a house with confined space. It measures 132cm by 68cm by 162cm. In turn, this monster comes in at 35kg. So, that might be too heavy to move around, right? Not really. The cross trainer actually comes with front wheels for easy movability.

This one is strong enough to support a maximum user weight of 110kg. We thought that was decent enough.

  • Resistance

Anybody would want to know about the resistance level of a low-impact workout machine. This one comes with a satisfying resistance level. First off, it comes with a 5.5kg magnetic flywheel that delivers very worthwhile resistance. The best part is that the resistance is adjustable. There are 8 levels of resistance on this baby.

  • Console

The technology on this cross trainer is one of the things that make it a top unit. It comes with an advanced LCD monitor that lets you track your workout progress as you exercise. The premium console features the distance covered, scan, speed, pulse, and ODO. Plus, there is an inbuilt tablet/phone holder. Here, you can use tutorial videos on your phone or tablet and hook it up on the holder.

  • Workout Experience

If you will be getting CT700, you’d want to know how it delivers in terms of the workout experience.

So, this one comes with a bidirectional movement for working on the hamstring and quad training. The reversible movement assures you of the best workout experience. You can pedal forward for the front thigh muscles (quadriceps). Or backward for back thigh muscles (hamstrings). You can make use of this movement to enjoy your workout session while preventing too much fatigue when exercising.

Furthermore, this allows you to enjoy advanced cardio, along with distance sensors. Best of all, you can enjoy a calorie counter onboard. Thanks to the 5.5kg magnetic flywheel and the 8 levels of resistance, this unit can offer you an intense workout session.

Whether you want a light workout or an intense workout, this baby has got you covered. There are wide footplates that are adjustable in three positions. This way, you can easily set it to the best of your comfort. Plus, there is a handle post that is fixed at the center. The handlebar is adjustable in three positions.

  • User Experience

Working with this cross trainer is easy, and so is setting it up. You can adjust the resistance, footplate, and handlebar with ease. Luckily, it comes with necessary safety features like a set of wheels to easily move around.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Offers personalized training
  • Advanced console with precise monitoring
  • Tablet/phone holder onboard
  • Transport wheels included
  • Bidirectional movement for quad and hamstring workout


  • Might be too heavy to carry on the second floor


Generally, this unit is sturdy and extra durable. You can be confident of it serving you for a long time without breaking down. XS Sports CT700 also offers both light and intense workouts. Above all, it comes at a decent price tag.

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  • Precise monitoring
  • Solid steel frame
  • Extreme comfort and support
  • 8 level adjustable 5.5kg magnetic flywheel
  • Front wheels for easy transport

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