Finether Running Machines: Electric Motorized Treadmill Review

We understand that outdoors exercising can be a hassle. Besides the ever-changing weather, you have to deal with judging eyes, pets that get in the way and little children that run all over the place. Going to the gym for and working on a treadmill might not a solution either. The judging eyes are still there, and then there is the cost factor as well.

The solution for the problem is making the investment of a treadmill. If you are a person that wants to get some workout done without caring for people’s looks and weather, staying indoors is your best option. You are next to your family, bedroom and shower. It is more than convenient. All that needs to be done is buying a treadmill. We are here to help you with the purchase.

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Treadmill General Overview

Finether Electric Motorized Treadmill is a simple machine that helps you run in place efficiently. It has a surface that moves continuously so that you can walk, jog or run while staying in one spot. It comes as a convenient option for people that might find hard to step outdoors.

The main differences of treadmills stand in maximum speed and specifications. You can have cheaper models with higher speed, but with fewer specifications. As a beginner or as a person that needs to recover from recent injuries, a treadmill that runs at slow speeds is a safe option. For this purpose, opting for the Finether Running Machine is a recommended choice.

Finether Running Machine Overview

When unboxing Finether treadmill for the first time, you will have to assemble it. This is an aspect very easy to achieve with the Finether since it is a foldable model. All you need to do is click it into place, plug it in and it is ready for usage. For a person that has limited technical skills, this model is great.

After the assembly of the machine, everything felt sturdy. The hinges are well connected, and there are no wobbly parts that might make the user feel unsafe. It is safe inspiring and makes you want to use it while maintaining a simple interface. This is a huge plus for the Finether treadmill.

The treadmill’s dimensions are 47”x23.5”x48.5” with a weight capacity of 100 kg. The contact surface with the user is big enough for anyone. In what weight capacity is concerned, we can say that the manufacturer recommends 100 kg rather than restricting people of slightly higher weight. The machine feels sturdy enough to hold a little more than specified. If you happen to be a bigger user, we say that walks and light jogs will not be a problem for the Finether foldable treadmill.

While the control panel does not have many settings, it can get users confused. To be fair, after you get the menu sorted the first time, it gets easier to work with. The mode button changes the modes you see listed on the top of the control panel. An LED light will light up signifying the mode you that you see on your screen. Speed buttons are basic and easy to understand. Once you get past this hurdle, the rest of the machine will be easy to work with.

Another aspect we really like about the Finether Running Machines treadmill is the 3 incline levels you can set up manually. For the price, it is surprising that it has any incline levels. They are great for harder exercise sessions and keep the machine useful for longer periods.


  • Sturdy build
  • Easy pace for beginners and people that have mobility problems
  • Plug and play concept of assembly


  • Can be a little too slow for some people
  • The writing on the control panel is small



The Finether Electric Motorized Treadmill is an excellent running machine for a fair price. The incline levels and the top speed of 10 km/h are more than enough for it to be worth your money. It is ideal for people that are recovering from recent injuries. People that need to move more but do not have the time for walks will also be thrilled with this purchase. The treadmill will help you get in shape while spending time in your lovely home.

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Finether Electric Motorized Treadmill Rating


Our Rating



  • 3 level manual incline
  • Foldable
  • LED display and heart rate sensors
  • Low noise 600W motor
  • Sturdy metal frame

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  1. I bought this second hand and it’s very good as I have osteoporosis and good for my instruction manual.i turned it on but it says F18 is this a problem or is this the name.

  2. Does anyone have a secondhand Finether Treadmill they are looking to sell? Read the reviews and this would be perfect for my husband as he’s recovering from surgery and the consultant said a treadmill would assist. Can’t seem to buy one online, so if someone has one they can message me. Thank you.

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