Office Fitness Walking Treadmill Review: Office Walker LX

Staying fit and athletic has been the ultimate swearword that almost everyone is taking nowadays. The task is becoming even more comfortable now with the introduction of Office Fitness Walking Treadmill. You can effortlessly take time for the workout with this machine. The treadmills are common workout equipment, we can find in gyms but why should you take so much hassle when you can have a treadmill at your home or office?

It has so many benefits that a person wants. Weight loss is the ultimate result if one devotes at least one hour in walking. It has several advantages too like it support to reduce stress, manages back pain, and makes you more dynamic and prolific. Walking has many benefits for your health. It also helps in creating healthy posture and even add glam to your skin.

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Lose Weight Anytime With Office Walker LX

Workout plans were never so easy until Office Treadmill came into the domain. Stay active while walking anywhere is the idea behind office fitness treadmill. The best thing about the treadmill is that it is suitable for everybody and can be used everywhere. No hassles of leaving for the gym and losing weight there. With this treadmill you can easily maintain your body and stay fit.

Highlighted Features of Office Fitness Treadmill

Staying fit at home or work is something that everyone desire of. The fact that this machine has stopped the hassle of leaving for the gym; many people love it and are losing their weight by this.

The features of this treadmill are mind-blowing. Read further:

Covers Very Little Space:

Treadmills in the gym are large and take a lot of space. This machine is not large in size. One can keep it under the desk and take out anytime when they have to work out. The fact that it does not take so much of place, people love the treadmill blindly. They can now walk anywhere, whether office or home.

All Features Of Fitness Center Treadmills:

Though the Office Fitness treadmill is small and does not take a lot of space, it has all the features of a large treadmill which we can find at the gym. It comes with a LED monitor and shows the distance, speed, time and also the calories you are burning at that point of time. It does not create a lot of noise.

Safety Ensured:

People always think that treadmills can go fast sometimes unknowingly. But, the Office Walker LX has enough safety features that a person needs. A safety emergency key is designed to ensure no one feels exhausted during walking. If you feel like quitting, just press the key and the treadmill will stop then and there.

Amazing Health Benefits:

The treadmill is very much useful and offers many health benefits for the users. It reduces the weight after one week of continuous efforts. Walking reduces stress to a great extent and what better than walking in office or home. It also relieves the pain in the back and waist (if any).

Low Noise And Low Maintenance:

Powered by a quite 600w motor, and runway belt of 85x40cm, you can clock 1-10km per hour with a maximum load of 100kg.  The treadmill required very minimum maintenance, apart from occasional lubrication, belt alignment checking, and tension of the belt.

Pros and Cons:


  • Designed to use anywhere and anytime.
  • An emergency key for security.
  • Displays everything including calories burnt.
  • Lightweight machine.
  • Very little or no noise.
  • Amazing health benefits.
  • Can be used even at work.


  • Noisy at times.
  • Ceases to function sometimes.


The ergonomically designed treadmill is ideal for busy office goers, who want to do mild work out sessions to stay fit, while on duty. It has all the features which a person needs. The under desk treadmill is suitable for times when you cannot hit the gym at all and need some home workout. Walking is undoubtedly very good for our health. For this purpose, the treadmill is perfect.


The Office Fitness Walking Treadmill is perfect for everyone, especially for office people. If you do not have enough time to leave for a walk, then the fitness walking treadmill is perfect. Keep it at your office under the desk or at home where ever you like. The not so big treadmill will take a small space, and one can walk for good 15-20 minutes.

The treadmill target people who are not into massive workout plans.  It is light, compact and ideal to use while you are in the office, just for some light movement while you are working.  Although the treadmill comes with a quite narrow running belt, it is still a favorable choice for people who want to stay fit without giving much pressure on the muscles and heart.

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Office Walker LX Rating


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  • Space saving design
  • Weight limit of 100kg
  • Speed 1-10km/h
  • Runway Belt: 85x40cm
  • Quiet 600w motor

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