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Vibration Plate Machines: 10 Best Platforms In UK, Buyer’s Guide, Reviews & FAQ

A lot of people out there are struggling with weight management. When one is overweight, one of the things that a health specialist would advise them to do is engage in more exercises. According to data from GOV.UK, over 60% of adults in the UK are overweight.

Since hitting the gym every day can be a challenge, some people opt for a home-based exercise machine. In this case, a vibration power plate is one of the exercise machines that can help in weight loss. But which is the best vibration plate out there? We did some research and we’ll be sharing our findings of the best platforms on the market. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Our Picks: 10 Best Vibration Power Plates Listed Below

Bluefin Fitness 4D9.1Check
Mirafit Power Plate9.0Check
Confidence Pro9.0Check
Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim8.8Check
iDeer Life Vibration Platform8.8Check
ZAAP TX-50008.8Check
Bluefin Fitness Pro Model8.4Check
Roneyville Ultra Compact8.4Check
Sportstech VP3008.4Check
Confidence Vibetone7.6Check

Let’s Take A Look At Each One Of Them Separately

  1. Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim Vibration Plate

Starting up on the UK list is this ultra-slim unit from Bluefin Fitness. This trainer is compact in design, lightweight, and very functional as well. It is the latest model on the market, and it has plenty of features to make your keep-fit session intense enough.

You’ll love working with this vibration plate because it runs on a silent vibro drive motor. This motor doesn’t make uncomfortable noises when running. Even as it runs silently, this motor delivers quite some power. It has a power output of 2500W and a maximum user weight of 150kg.

We loved the slim design, which allows you to easily hide it away when not using. This also means that it will not take up much space in the room. When you set it up for use, this little beast will be stable enough. The vibration plate comes with a large anti-slip surface that assures you of an effective exercise. You simply position yourself on the trainer and enjoy the deepest vibration experience.

In terms of technological features, this baby scores decently. First off, it has 5 workout programs and 180 levels to give you a personalized exercise session. The best part is that you don’t have to step down and adjust the programs. Instead, it comes with a remote control to offer you hands-free operation.

Do you want a vibrating platform which gives you some entertainment when working out? No worries. Connect your phone or mobile device to the Bluetooth speakers on board and enjoy an entertaining exercise session.


  • Compact and ultra-slim design
  • Powerful 2500W silent Vibro drive motor
  • 5 workout programs with 180 levels
  • Remote control for hands-free operation
  • Loud Bluetooth speakers
  • Diet and nutrition guides by experts


  • The user instructions can be complicated to an amateur

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  1. Mirafit Vibration Power Plate

The Mirafit Vibration Plate offers a slim and stylish design that you’ll love having in the house. You can go for the black, orange, or green option depending on your style. But, the trainer is not only all about its looks and design. Rather, this little beast does an amazing job at offering you a reliable platform.

It has a 1000W rated motor with peak power of 2500W. The best part is that the motor runs with anti-jamming and anti-static protection to offer you a smooth session. This one has a maximum user weight of 150kg, which is not bad.

Unlike most machines out there, this one offers you 3-foot positions for running, walking, or jogging effects. So yes, you will be getting a lot from this vibration plate. Besides the 3-foot positions, the trainer also comes with 9 preset programs. All you have to do is set your ideal program and enjoy its delivery. This also means that you can choose the program that matches your fitness goals.

Along with the 9 workout programs are 99-speed levels. These levels allow you to adjust your intensity level and help you achieve a reliable exercise. It also comes with remote control for switching through the programs and adjusting the speed level without the need for stepping off the trainer. We loved the fact that this vibration power plate comes with detachable resistance bands that offers you more variety as you work out.

What about when you need to store it? That’s easy, because it has handles and rollers for easy transportation.


  • Slim and stylish design
  • Anti-static and anti-jamming motor protection
  • 3-foot positions for running, jogging, or walking effects
  • Remote control
  • 9 workout programs


  • The power cord could be longer
  • The 99-speed levels are on the lower side compared to most units

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  1. Roneyville Ultra Compact Vibration Plate

If we were ranking the best vibration power plates in terms of ruggedness, this one from Roneyville would probably take the top spot. It offers a compact design and it can also support a maximum weight of 150kgs.

The is packed with a 500W motor that can reach a peak power of 2500W. The surface of this vibration plate makes it stand out of most units out there. It comes with pioneering magnetic therapy features that are embedded within the food pad. Magnetic therapy is known to boost the energy levels ad also encourage good health and general wellbeing. Furthermore, it can treat some ailments as you are working on the trainer.

Besides that, the vibration platform comes with 5 preset fat burning and toning programs. Plus, it features 199-speed levels to offer you an intense session according to how you prefer. Working only 10 minutes on this baby is the same as hitting the gym for a whole hour or swimming for 45 minutes. In other words, it helps you achieve a lot in the shortest time possible.

The vibration plate also features a whole set of entertainment features. This includes Bluetooth Speakers that can be connected to any mobile device. Furthermore, there is a USB port to connect your flash drive and enjoy your music.

The platform has a remote control too, along with a touch-screen LED display. If you don’t want to use the RC, you’ll still enjoy operating the trainer with the touch-screen features.


  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Loaded with 5 preset programs and 199-speed levels
  • Magnetic therapy features on the footpad
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • The remote and a touch-screen LED display


  • You can easily switch it off accidentally due to the power button position

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  1. Bluefin Fitness Pro Model

If you are not into the compact exercisers, this vibration plate from Bluefin would be a decent pick for you. This one comes with extended hands for extra support and also for a more intense full-body workout.

As you’d expect for any Bluefin unit, this one also has a silent motor to give you a noise-less exercise session. This machine comes with a silent drive single motor that can offer you an intense workout. It can support a maximum weight limit of 150kgs.

Furthermore, this vibration plate comes with pro features for an advanced experience. First off, the equipment features comfortable arm supports, along with BMI guide technology, and extra lower body action with 360-degree hip rotation.

It is easy to set up and operate. You will enjoy a range of 10 workout programs that are accompanied by 180 intensity levels. All these options mean that you will always have an enjoyable session that is customizable to your liking. We also loved the diet and nutrition guides that come with the machine. This means that you can easily follow a healthy meal plan as you work out with the machine to achieve your fitness goals.

There are some booming Bluetooth speakers on board to keep you entertained as you work out. The vibration plate has a console that is easy to operate and help you track your stats. This one also has a BMI and calorie monitor to let you know how you are progressing.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Comfortable arm supports and extra lower body action with 360-degree hip rotation
  • 10 workout programs with 180 intensity levels
  • Diet and nutrition guides to help with your fitness goals
  • Loud Bluetooth speakers
  • BMI and calorie monitor


  • Not ideal for a small space

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  1. Confidence Pro Fitness

The Confidence Pro Fitness is one of the best vibration trainers in the UK and it has proven to offer reliable results. It doesn’t come with a compact design, so it might not be the best choice of a space-limited room.

The vibration plate runs on a 600W motor that can offer enough power to deliver your goals. This is a large unit that can also support a max user weight of 150kgs. The best part is that it runs silently. However, it can get squeaky if a user heavier than 150kgs is using it.

The vibration exercise machine doesn’t come with preset programs. While that might not be satisfying enough to some users, it would be the best option for beginners. Still, it comes with 50-speed settings to offer you an intense session as you wish.

This unit assures you of better blood circulation, balance, and coordination, flexibility, as well as a well-defined muscle mass. You will also enjoy a low fat and cellulite on the body. This vibration machine can be used by both professionals and beginners. The display console is user-friendly and it comes with an intuitive menu that lets you operate it with ease. There are arm straps on the sides of the trainer, which come through elastic cords to engage your upper body muscles.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy to move around
  • 10-speed settings
  • Handlebars for extra support
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t have present workout programs
  • It doesn’t come ready to use

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  1. iDeer Life Vibration Plate

This is a compact machine that comes with an oscillating platform and it delivers a whole body shaking. The equipment has a 200W motor, which still delivers an intense workout session.

The vibration plate lets you work out and build up your body shape as it tones the muscles. It is small and lightweight to be carried even to the office. It is small, but can comfortably support a maximum weight limit of 150kgs. You will enjoy working with this vibro plate as it comes with two resistance bands for working out the arms and upper body.

Besides that, the vibration plate comes with 10 auto-operation workout programs, along with 120-speed levels. Furthermore, the machine offers three-foot positions for running, jogging or walking motions. All these features assure you of a durable machine that can attend to your exercise needs accordingly.

The anti-slip foot pads assure you of high stability and security when working out on the trainer. You will not experience any slip accidents with this unit. It comes with a large LED display that shows the speed, time, and other program modes. You won’t have to step down the machine for you to change the programs or operate it. Rather, you can do it as you continue working out. This baby also comes with remote control.


  • Small and lightweight for easy transportation
  • Non-slip surface for stability
  • 10 workout programs with 120-speed levels
  • Three-foot positions for running, jogging or walking
  • LED display with remote control
  • Easy to use


  • The vibration plate can get hot at first

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  1. ZAAP TX-5000

This machine comes with robust construction to assure you of a reliably intense workout session. This is the vertical type of vibration plate that might take some space in your room. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that there is enough space for the machine.

This beast has 50 different speed settings to allow you to adjust the speed as you prefer. Along with the 50-speed settings, this equipment comes with 3 auto workout programs to choose from. The trainer is large, but it can support a maximum of 120kgs. That seems lower than other smaller units that support more user weight.

We loved the fact that it features an anti-jamming and anti-static mechanism for security as you use the unit. There is a LED display that lets you view your workout progress. The best part is that the LED display is user-friendly and anybody can operate it. Even if you are using it for the first time, it won’t give you a hard time. Working out on this power plate for 10 minutes is the same as going to the gym for a whole hour.


  • Robust construction
  • It features 3 workout programs with 50 different speed settings
  • LED display for viewing your workout progress
  • It is user-friendly
  • Easy to set up


  • It only supports 120kg maximum user weight

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  1. Sportstech VP300 Vibration Platform

If you are a person that values the design of a machine, you’d enjoy working with this unit. The design is outstanding and doesn’t only look presentable, but also withstand multiple uses. The design is stylish and you’ll enjoy having it in your room. It also comes with a large surface to let you work out comfortably on it.

The vibration power plate runs on two 2000W motors that are designed to deliver a satisfying workout experience. It comes with the VP300 oscillating platform that stimulates muscular growth in your body. The 3D vibrations technology means that you will get much from this mini machine. With this technology, you can be sure that almost every muscle in your body is stimulated by contractions. As a result, you will have improved blood circulation, along with better movement and coordination.

The vibration plate has power ropes and an exercise poster. The power ropes and poster let you carry out different exercises on the platform. In other words, these accessories allow you to target your back and arm muscles.

You get two 60 speed levels on this trainer to let you achieve the best of it. Furthermore, it has different positioning areas that you can sue between normal, intense, and relaxed intensity level. The machine also comes with Bluetooth speakers for entertainment as you work out. You also enjoy a remote control for hands-free operation. It has a max of 120kgs.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Roomy top surface
  • Touch-screen display
  • Remote control
  • 2 motors for better delivery
  • Two 60 speed levels
  • Bluetooth speakers


  • It only supports 120kgs of user weight

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  1. Confidence Vibetone

This vibration plate comes with a unique design, which lets you work out on your full body without the need for extra accessories. It has been designed to work according to your fitness needs. Luckily, it is a low-cost trainer that delivers incredibly.

It comes with a steering-style handle that engages both arms to give you a full-body workout. This unit features 16 different speed levels. Compared to other machines on our UK list, that is way too low. Nevertheless, you can make use of the 16 levels and still achieve an intense session. We loved how the machine allows you to choose an auto mode that will set up the workout for you. Alternatively, you can adjust the intensity manually to customize your session. Either way, you will achieve a good session with your exercises on this unit.

There is a tiny LED display that shows the time and speed level. This is easily viewed and accessible too. The vibration plate itself is easy to use and even a beginner will have an easy time when working with it.

However, some few issues might not amuse you when using it. First off, you cannot use it if you are heavier than 120kgs. Furthermore, it can make some noise if you place it on a hard surface. The solution to this is setting it up on a carpet to reduce the sound.

All in all, this machine will serve you decently while it helps you achieve your fitness goals.


  • Unique and sturdy design
  • Designed for a full-body workout
  • Auto or manual operation
  • Lightweight
  • Quite affordable
  • Remote control included


  • It can be noisy
  • Limited features/workout programs

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  1. Bluefin Fitness 4D

Anybody that loves an advanced exercise machines would enjoy working with this vibration plate. The design itself is modern and super stylish. You’d love having it in your home or office.

One of the top things to love about this machine is that it comes with a 4D motion. This means that it packs 3 silent drive motors that offer micro-vibration, oscillation, and normal vibration. All these are delivered separately or simultaneously. You’d also love the magnetic therapy sensors on the foot surface. This feature offers a reflexology-like massage either while you are standing or seated.

There is an intuitive LED stoplight system that shows the intensity level of the vibration plate. The light can be red, green, or orange. Furthermore, it comes with three programs with 7 manual combinations for an intense experience.

An LCD display is onboard to let you check out your progress. We loved the wearable remote control that allows you to operate the machine without the need for stepping off. If you have some music that you want to listen as you work out, you are free to do so. The machine comes with Bluetooth speakers that are loud enough and produce good sound too. It has a maximum user limit of 150kgs.

The machine comes with some accessories to better your workout experience. You will get resistance cords that offer a more intensive exercise, along with a free workout poster. There is also a workout and nutrition guide to help you achieve your fitness goals with the vibration power plate.


  • Modern and stylish design
  • It delivers a 4D motion for a better experience
  • Runs on three silent motors with different vibrations
  • Bright LED lights to indicate the intensity level of the machine
  • Compact design for easy portability and space-saving
  • Added accessories for better workout intensity
  • Bluetooth speakers with wearable remote control


  • It is expensive

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do These Platforms Really Work?

A lot of people in UK have concerned if they work or not. In general, they do work, and it is about how they work that matters. You have heard about how these machines can help you firm up your muscles and reduce cellulite by working on it only 10 minutes every day.

The working mechanism of a vibration plate is what makes them deliver such results. What happens is that they will send strong pulses through your whole body. In turn, this will force your twitch fibers to work at an inefficient rate. This will then make you use more energy to stay on the plate. They will use your own body reflexes to place the put your muscles to work. This will not get you out of breath, but it also ensures that you achieve a full-body workout.

How Good Are Power Plates For Weight Loss?

Yes, they can help you lose weight. However, you have to do it the right way and follow the instruction according to the manufacturers. On research showed that working out on a vibration plate can help you lose an average body weight of 11%. This is achievable in the first six months of using the equipment.

The machine can help you lose weight. But, you should consider performing multiple cardio exercises on it to achieve better results. Furthermore, ensure that you maintain a healthy diet to increase weight loss.

Can I Reduce My Stomach Fat?

Stomach fat is almost similar to body fat. However, stomach fat is more difficult to work on. But with a vibration power plate, you can trim your belly fat with the proper cardio workout moves. Some units come with a workout guide to help you with it. Don’t forget that you will need to watch your diet as you work on your stomach fat.

Do Vibro Plates Help You Tone Up?

Yes. The machine will vibrate your muscles, which in turn helps to tone them up. The longer you stay on it, the more your firm up your muscles.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits of a vibration plate. First off, they are easy to use and let you work out from wherever you want. But most importantly, here are the benefits of working with these machines:

  • It helps you have strong and toned muscles
  • It will strengthen your bones
  • The machine enhances blood flow and boost your immunity
  • You will have increased flexibility, coordination, and balance
  • It contributes to weight loss
  • It helps you achieve a lean body

Do They Build Muscles?

A vibration plate can help you lose weight and even have stronger muscles. However, they are not the best units to help you build muscles. If you want to build muscles, consider using dumbbells and Kegels on the plate. This will help to trigger the muscle growth more than when you would use the dumbbells and Kegels on a flat surface. But don’t depend on these units alone for muscle growth.

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