XS Sports R110

XS Sports R110 Folding Rowing Machine Review

We’ve all been there, the lust for those high-end products with so much functionality and features. Yet we’re soon reminded that our bank accounts don’t support such purchases. Only then do we think of a bail-out card- a low-priced product with similar features. In the world of rowing machines, the XS Sports R110 rowing machine is that bail-out card.  

What’s the price?

XS Sports is a new manufacturer of fitness equipment, and that may put some persons off. However, as we will always say, experience counts, but new companies usually provide similar features and build-quality at a low price to get customers from the already saturated markets.

We will provide a detailed analysis of this machine so that, in the end, you will have the precise, well-rounded piece of information you need to make your purchase decision.

The R110 Overview

XS Sports R110 is a fair price rowing machine best suited for beginner rowers. It comes with features and function enough to guarantee effective, light exercise and does well to mimic the options available in high-end competitive product. Aside from its price, other features make this device a top-choice for even fitness enthusiasts who is not on a budget. It comes with one of the lightest weight possible- 15kgs but its construction is of high-quality. Thus its CE certification.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Console: Tracking your exercise parameters are very important if you have specific workout goals. While this device does not come with the high-end, large LCD monitors, it still lets you track your workout data. From its little LCD screen, this machine displays time, speed, calories burnt, and pulse. You also get crucial training data like strokes per minute and strokemany pricier products do not have to give you even more precise real-time information on your exercise.
  • Training Performance: The R110 comes with four adjustable levels of manual resistance.  With this option, you can adjust the level of the machine’s belt drive to any of these levels to make it tighter and harder to row. Thus, increasing the intensity of your exercise, which, in turn, allows you to burn more calories, tone your muscles faster, or reach other fitness goals in no time.
  • Design: Considering its price, the design of this machine is quite commendable. First, it features a quick, foldable option that lets you raise the machine’s rail to occupy less space when not in use and easy storage. By simply removing the knob, you can fold the machine up and store it in any place in your home with enough space for it. Unlike the norm where low-price means low-quality constructions, this device features a sturdy powder-coated frame that is sure to last for long. Lastly, the machine is lightweight but can support users up to 100kg. 
  • Additional Functions: There are so many small but quite notable functions on this machine that further adds to its overall excellence. For a start, its design and construct followed strict safety rules; thus, its CE certification. The seats come padded to allow you to exercise for extended periods without discomfort. Its belt drive system eliminates the squeaky noise common to the chain drive and the need for lubrication.

Product specification

FlywheelMagnetic resistance
Occupying Area When Open17.4 x 38 x 54 (L x W x H) cm
Machine’s weight15kg
Maximum user weight100kg
Screen:              LCD
Manual resistance levels4
Heart rate monitorYes
Smartphone holderYes
Transport wheelsNo


XS Sports offers one year warranty on this product for home use. This warranty does not cover commercial use. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Affordable
  • Simple, compact, space-saving, foldable design
  • Manually operated elastomer
  • Easy to assemble and store


  • Only suitable for beginners or light workout
  • Little available manual resistance adjustment

Recommendation and Purchase Option

You do not have to spend money on functions you don’t need. So, just before you make any decision on this machine, you must first layout, in simple terms, your training programs before selecting an ideal rowing machine. If you’re keen on light exercises, XS Sports R110 offers you that at a meager price. Hence, our full recommendation. Yet, if your search is for a rowing machine that offers intense training experience, you should consider another device. 

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