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ISE SY-1001 Mini Folding Electric Treadmill Review

Folding treadmills are a go-to choice for many fitness enthusiasts who intend to work out at home. They come in aesthetically pleasing designs that wouldn’t mar the look of your home, saves space, and still help you stay fit.  In this article, we would focus on the ISE SY-1001 folding treadmill.

What’s the price?

ISE is a France-based company founded in 2017. It isn’t a leader or even a renowned brand in the fitness industry. Yet, there is a little catch to companies like this. Starts-up recognizes the bloodbath required to get customers from the already saturated markets. Their usual approach is to offer products matching in quality, performance, and construction with those from renowned brands at a lesser price. Well, let’s see how correct that presumption is for this brand and this treadmill.

Product Overview

SY-1001 is a walking and running treadmill designed for light workout routines at home. The device features an outstanding construct, design, functions and features perfectly tailored to provide sublime workout training routines at home without disrupting your home space, looks, or peace. So, if you’re interested in developing endurance, tone your muscles, or improve your cardio health through regular private training from the comfort of your home, you will find this machine fascinating.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Stable Drive System: When you’re opting for a treadmill for light-scale exercise at home, you wouldn’t need so much power on the motor. That, for two reasons. The first is that high-power motors would be louder and unfit for your home environment. Also, it will add to the overall cost of your machine. You do not need high power motors for a walking and slight running machine, in more simple terms. Your focus should be on the quietness and stability of the drive system.

This machine comes with a high-quality 100% copper motor with five layers of treads. This design lets the device run smoothly and quietly for extended periods at speeds of up to 10km/h.

  • Advanced Running Deck: The ISE SY-1001 features a compact running deck measuring 102 x 32cm,andit’s equipped with numerous safety and comfort innovations. First, it has a 5-layer cushioning system with PVC and rubber for superb mitigation of the shocks produced from the pounding of your feet.The machine’s frame is also made of thickened steel pipe and ABS, combining to provide higher resistance and long-lasting abilities.
  • Console: The SY-1001 folding treadmill comes with an LCD screen attached to the middle of the stand to display your workout parameters (heartrate, speed, distance covered, calories burnt, and workout time) for effectively planned training.
  • Training Programs: It is worth mentioning that although this folding device does not provide an adjustable incline system, it comes with a fixed 5-degree incline. Hence, your exercise routines are already of higher intensities than most walking treadmills (since a majority do not have an incline system). However, the ISE machine comes with three workout programs you can easily select that will help you to meet fitness goals.
  • Added Functions: There are transportation wheels at the base of this equipment to ease moving around your home. Its folding system, along with its compact size, allows for easy and quick storage even in confined spaces like under the bed. Alternatively, you can stand the device when folded. Find more buying options in UK.

Product specification

Dimension125 x 122 x 54 cm (L x H x W)
Folded Dimension132 x 25 x 54 cm
Running Belt Area32.5 x 101
Machine’s Weight27kg
Maximum User Weight110kg
Speed Range1-10km/h
Transportation WheelsYes
Included ComponentsWalking Machine, Power Cord, andSafety Key.


ISE offers a 24-month warranty on this machine. You also get a 30-day money-back guaranty.


  • Quiet motor
  • Excellent overall performance
  • It does not need installation
  • Integrated transport wheels for easy mobility
  • Shock and noise absorbent running deck
  • Compact, foldable, and space-saving design makes it ideal for home use


  • Slim running deck
  • Fixed incline


All in all, ISE SY-1001 Folding treadmill offers an excellent value for its price. So, if you’re interested in reaching specific fitness goals from your home, you can consider purchasing this device; it will help you get those goals even faster- thanks to its incline system. Still, the incline system can be cumbersome if you’re not in for a little more intensity to your exercise.

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  • 10-step speed
  • 4 preset programs
  • LED display
  • Max user weight: 120kg
  • 121.5cm x 54cm x 125cm

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